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The Children of the Anthropocene

by Belinda Breeze

Described as “extraordinarily moving, wild and engaging – the book of the moment,” by Mary Robinson, Former President of Ireland and author of Climate Justice, The Children of the Anthropocene, by conservationist and activist Bella Lack, chronicles the lives of a broad range of young people who, on the frontlines of the global environmental crisis, have moved into uncharted territory as they involve themselves in the biggest fight humankind has ever faced – evolution or extinction.

Bella advocates for the protection of both people and the planet by highlighting the stories of those who are most directly affected by global environmental crises ranging from air pollution to deforestation and overconsumption. She transports us from the pulsating abundance of Ecuador’s Choco Rainforest and the beautiful arcs of the Himalayan Mountains to the windswept plains and vibrant vistas of life in Altiplano, speaking to young activists from all over the world, including Afroz Shah, and Artemisa Xakriabá, vividly depicting what is an ever-deepening crisis.

Dara McAnulty, the award-winning author of Diary of a Young Naturalist, commented: “Astute, erudite and crystalline, Bella writes with visionary clarity and passion. It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Bella for The Children of the Anthropocene, she questions everything with intelligence, grace and humour. It’s a wonderful book.”

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has warned that the window to take urgent climate action is closing rapidly. Unless countries dramatically scale up their efforts to counter the climate crisis, the world faces a global catastrophe. “Our world cannot afford any more greenwashing, fake movers or late movers,” he said.

The Children of the Anthropocene is, therefore, a timely reminder of the challenges we all face, with Bella’s manifestos for change looking to inspire and mobilise you to rediscover nature’s marvels and wilds, ultimately changing your perspective on our planet’s problems. This is a unique opportunity to hear the urgent stories of an endangered species that is all too frequently overlooked: the Anthropocene children.

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