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Helen Farmer publishes first children’s book – My Mummy’s Secret Adventures

by Belinda Breeze

Radio broadcaster and accidental Instagram influencer, Helen Farmer, has published her first children’s book, My Mummy’s Secret Adventures. The story follows a young girl called Olive, who asks lots of questions, but has never asked what her Mummy does all day. Based on Farmer’s own experiences of motherhood, the book aims to help parents who struggle to answer their kid’s questions about what they do when they can’t see them.

Created for busy mums and curious kids, My Mummy’s Secret Adventures opens up questions about what Olive’s Mummy might do during the day, but also how little readers’ own mums might spend their time, while also giving some inspiration for future jobs. As she excitedly interrogates her Mummy on her secret life, Olive’s imagination runs wild. Does her Mummy have a job? And if so, why?

Explaining the motivation for the story, Farmer said, “Books can be a wonderful way for parents to broach some tricky topics with their kids and start a conversation about something they’re struggling with. As a working mum myself, I’ve struggled to answer questions on what I do when the children can’t see me during the day. It’s surprising how many children genuinely think that their mum sits outside their nursery or school in the car waiting for them all day.”

The book features beautiful illustrations by Pavithra Suresh, which bring the story and its characters to life. Published by The Dreamwork Collective, My Mummy’s Secret Adventures was launched in front of an audience of parents and children during an event staged at The Garden Concept in Dubai.

As her first children’s book My Mummy’s Secret Adventures is an extension of Farmer’s authentic and relatable take on life and motherhood, which is enjoyed by thousands of followers around the world through her Instagram page. With another story in the works, Farmer said, “Expect to hear from Olive’s little sister soon.”

My Mummy’s Secret Adventures is available at amazon.ae where it is currently listed as the number one bestseller in literature and fiction for children.