by Belinda Breeze

The criteria for rating a school ‘outstanding’ involves evaluating various aspects of their performance, environment, and outcomes. Academic excellence is a fundamental criterion, encompassing factors such as standardised test scores, graduation rates, and university placement.

Beyond academics, the quality of teaching and faculty expertise play pivotal roles. Outstanding schools often boast highly qualified teachers, innovative instructional methods, and supportive learning environments.

Furthermore, the holistic development of students is crucial. This includes opportunities for extracurricular activities, arts, sports, and character-building programmes. Outstanding schools foster a culture of inclusivity, diversity, and equity, ensuring that all students have access to resources and support tailored to their needs. Community engagement and partnerships also contribute to a school’s distinction, as collaboration with parents, local organisations, and businesses enriches the educational experience.

Moreover, the physical infrastructure and resources available to students are significant considerations. Modern facilities, technology integration, and well-equipped libraries and laboratories enhance the learning environment. Additionally, effective leadership and governance are essential for sustaining excellence and fostering continuous improvement.

Based on KHDA’s latest inspections, these 13 private schools in Dubai earned an ‘Outstanding’ rating:

  • Deira International School
  • Dubai College
  • Dubai English Speaking College
  • Dubai English Speaking School
  • GEMS Dubai American Academy – Dubai Branch
  • GEMS Jumeirah Primary School – Dubai Branch
  • GEMS Wellington International School – Dubai Branch
  • Horizons English School
  • Jumeirah College
  • Jumeirah English Speaking School – Jumeirah
  • Kings’ School Al Barsha
  • Lycée Français International Georges Pompidou School Oud Metha
  • Repton School

Based on ADEKS’s latest inspections, these 10 private schools in Abu Dhabi earned an ‘Outstanding’ rating:

  • Aldar Academies, Al Muna Academy
  • Aldar Academies, Al Yasmina Academy
  • Aldar Academies, The Pearl Academy 
  • American Community School Abu Dhabi
  • British International School, Abu Dhabi
  • British School Al Khubairat (BSAK)
  • Cranleigh Abu Dhabi School 
  • Merryland International School 
  • Muna British Academy 
  • Raha International School, Abu Dhabi

Sharjah ‘Outstanding’ and ‘Very Good’ Rated Schools

The information released by SPEA on social media indicates that only one school has been awarded the highest rating of ‘Outstanding’:

GEMS Millennium School Private School.

SPEA also highlighted that GEMS Cambridge International School and Victoria International School have also improved to ‘Very Good’ in Arabic as a First Language.

Outstanding schools often boast highly qualified teachers, innovative instructional methods, and supportive learning environments.