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The Green Grass nursery br.Dubai, Al Manara is a new dedicated British nursery which opened in January 2022.

The new Green grass Nursery in Manara aims to deliver on the success of its founding sister nursery in Jumeirah 1, established since 2012.

The commitment to teaching and the British Early Years curriculum is the foundation of the school with the provision of the outdoor and indoor classes  . GGN is offers a bright, hugely warm and inspirational environment for young children starting from 4Months -5 years old offering the FS1/FS2 with a British Early Years curriculum that effortlessly blends the best features Reggio Emilia approache to learning but focused on the needs of children as they progress to British primaries. EYFS is the core focus of the school.

We pride ourself with the large greenery outdoor area , mud kitchen and planting , mini Zoo area to enhance the learning through play approach.

Our atelier is designed with the Wow children works with monthly inspirational artist. the atelier is designed to build appreciation of art , develop an interest in painting and understanding the world around the children .

Our new bilingual Arabic and English programme , will initially be offered to all our students starting from toddler classroom.

This unique programme allows younger students to develop a good understanding of the Arabic language, customs and culture. Children are having half day of Arabic and half day of English on daily baisis.

Students will also become immersed in UAE and Arabic culture.

Students will be taught by an experienced Arabic early years specialist, and supported by a qualified English-speaking teaching assistant. We will be following the framework of the EYFS early years Programme, and our Arabic attested curriculum.

Our nursery is focusing on reading , our library also provides a variety of books and resources in both Arabic and English languages, which helps deepen the students’ understanding of the Arabic language and culture, aids in boosting their confidence, ease their integration with others, and builds their international-mindedness.

Our Early Years program is based on the English Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, while also reflecting the culture and heritage of Dubai and the UAE. we enable young children to learn about UAE culture & tradition We proudly celebrate the UAE national day with enthusiastic participation from our parents.

As well as aiming to provide a benchmark British Early Years curriculum, the Green Grass nursery Dubai differentiates itself by placing the reading at the heart of the curriculum. Every child received daily , morning and afternoon reading session and weekly parents reader session aiming to educate the parents about the importance of reading . A weekly 30 min of Gym from our outsourced partner company. The commitment to whole child development is secured further with an array of ECA after-school options by external providers.

Catering is provided by the nursery cuisine aiming to provide the homely family eating time. We also value the family eating time by providing the food in the same family traditional way. All the children and the class team are eating at the same time.

Pre-school education, for GGN , can be found in a play-based process of self-discovery, rather than text books, but, unlike with progressive curricular, teachers act as guides to each child on his or her journey.


  • To establish ourselves as the premium provider of nursery education and child care in Dubai and the UAE.
  • To set quality standards in the teaching, development, and care of young children in Dubai and the UAE.
  • To make learning Arabic fun & easy and to enable young children to learn about UAE culture & tradition from an early age.

GGN Mission:

  • To provide a safe, stimulating, and welcoming environment where every child has equal opportunity to play, grow, and learn.
  • To build, develop, and sustain a friendly, warm, nurturing environment for all children and their families.
  • To partnership with our parents.
  • To focus on the holistic development of our children
  • To provide them with the skills they will need as future leaders and as responsible global citizens.



because your child deserves the best!

 At GGN, we are bringing learning to life.

  • Homely environment:
  • Our Approach to Care and Learning

Our approach is quite simply magical! Our pedagogy, provocation, and practise at the nursery are inspired by Reggio Emilia and The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which together make a strong, powerful, and enabling environment.

  • The classroom activities will be child-led and designed based on the children’s interests, needs, and skill levels.
  • Our reading program, “Growing Little Readers,”  applies to all ages and classes.
  • The Arabic language: All classes will have focused Arabic lessons, and the time will depend on the age of the children.
  • Our Outdoor learning/ The Garden
  • We are inclusive Nursery Our New SENCO Department:

Our Senco is in place everyday !

  • Going green is an important and critical concept at GGN.
  • Location: We are in the heart of Dubai (Jumeirah 1& Al Manara ) so we cater to the northern and southern sides of the city and the neighbouring area.
  • Flexible hours: Flexible Weekly Hours for our families (7:00 am – 6:00 pm, 5 days a week, including Fridays)
  • Food catering included in the fees
  • We accommodate children starting from one years old up to 5 years old

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Established 2013
Villa 87 14 A St – Al Manara – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
+971 55 158 8596

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