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Miracles: A Natural Way to Improve Your Health and Wellbeing

by Eddie Rayner

Miracles is a hub for wellness and self-development, a unique environment that promotes a healthy mind, body and spirit. Education UAE spoke to several members of its highly qualified and passionate team to find out how our own little miracles, our children, can benefit from a number of the classes and workshops on offer, and why parents can help their kids by helping themselves.

Professional children’s psychologist talking to little kid about emotions. Girl chooses happy smiley emoticon from two EQ cards that female therapist shows her during interview appointment meeting

EDUAE: Children pick up on and are undoubtedly affected by their parents’ moods. How important is it, therefore, to have a daily practice, such as mediation, for parents to remain ‘centred’?

Hiba Mehanna (General Manager): When we are aware that our energy affects those around us, we begin to see the importance of taking time out to recharge. We are constantly contributing energetically to our surroundings and when we are not in the right headspace, we see that reflected in not just ourselves but, the people close to us, often the ones we love the most.

This is why meditation is so important to help us relax and stay calm. It helps to centre and ground us amidst the constant daily stresses. When our positive energy flows out into our environment and onto those around us it has the ability to help our loved ones, so they feel calm and happy too.

EDUAE: Emotionally healthy parents tend to parent more effectively – do you think this can have a direct influence on the lifestyle and choices a child will make as an adult? 

Helen Najar (Clinical Hypnotherapist and Guidance Counsellor): The way we raise our children has a direct impact on how they develop their identity and the way they operate in the world. Children do not have the ability to decipher the behaviours of their parents the way they would as an adult and therefore will absorb and often suppress anything that is said or done to them. 

When the adult self is put under hypnosis to address an issue in their current life it is often stemming from an issue the child self has faced that remains unresolved. When we go back and address the issue as the child self the root cause is addressed and resolved, and the issue no longer presents itself in the adult self’s life, as it no longer subconsciously influences their lifestyle and choices. 

When we are aware that our energy affects those around us, we begin to see the importance of taking time out to recharge

EDUAE: We teach our children all kinds of things, but are we failing our children if we do not teach them how to sense and maintain their energy and emotional health?

Helen Najar: As parents, we often instil in our children the ways and beliefs we were taught by our parents. This means we are passing on the ways others sense and maintain their energy and emotions, without questioning what may be better for our children. 

We need to help our children understand their energy and emotions by focusing on them as individuals, and addressing their specific needs and perspectives without the interference of our own so they feel comfortable processing their emotions in a healthy and supported way. 

Children need guidance, love and understanding to have a good sense of self, and when operating from this environment they learn to sense their own energy and have trust in themselves to make positive choices in their own lives. This allows their state of being to be built on a solid foundation that will maintain and balance their energy and emotional health. 

EDUAE: One of the most common ways of maintaining a good emotional balance is meditation, and for children, this can set the stage for infinite healthy habits to take root. Do you encourage parents and children to meditate together, and at what age is it good to introduce young ones to mediation?

Jane Elizabeth (Transformational Coach and Energy Healer): A powerful way of lowering stress and anxiety for both ourselves and our children is to practise a little bit of meditation together. Doing the meditation together helps to strengthen the bond between the parent and child while giving them a tool they can use for the rest of their lives. Children can start meditating at the age of two, which is around the time they start paying attention to the stories you read to them. Meditation can bring a greater connection and bond between parent and child. 

It is also a wonderful way for parents to help their child release any negative thoughts and behaviours while building self-confidence and focus.  Reiki can also help children with ADHD and learning disabilities by rebalancing the energy field. Tantrums, fears and phobias, anxiety and sleep problems can also be relieved. For older children, both reiki and meditation are brilliant tools to be used to help reduce the stress of exams and promote a clear and focused mindset.

The way we raise our children has a direct impact on how they develop their identity and the way they operate in the world

EDUAE: Teaching children emotional intelligence is an ongoing process integrated into their everyday activities, but it can also be boosted by individual activities such as art therapy. How important are activities such as these and what do Miracles offer?

Hiba Najar: To understand and manage our emotions positively, we must be able to have a sound awareness of what is happening in the mind that may not be being outwardly expressed. The importance of integrating activities such as art therapy into your child’s life is not only important, it is sometimes essential, in order to have a deeper understanding of what is happening inside the mind.

Through art therapy, we can explore the child’s mind in a creative and expressive way to bring about a level of self-awareness and self-esteem, while also encouraging social skills. These are some of the primary characteristics of having emotional intelligence. 

At Miracles, we offer art therapy for children to improve mental wellbeing and bring to light what the child is truly feeling, which they may be unable to vocally express.

This form of therapy can be very insightful to parents as they can see on paper areas they need to address that they may have not been able to identify before.

EDUAE: There is a strong belief system in the adult world that modern medicine is the only way and this can set itself in stone in the child’s mind. Parents surely have an obligation to widen their child’s worldview beyond ego and intellectualism to include ‘alternative’ therapies that help to combat potential illness before it arises rather than simply cure it?

Rreema Aidasahnni (Emotion and Body Code Practitioner and Energy Healer): Absolutely! As parents, we must teach our children to be aware and open at a very young age – to trust their intuition and to process emotional experiences in a healthy manner without suppressing them. 

There is extensive scientific research done on how our emotions contribute to our physical and mental illnesses. When we take care of the emotional and energetic aspects, we are less likely to manifest illness. 

It is so important that we raise children to be aware and accepting of who they truly are, and teach them that emotions are normal and healthy when processed correctly. This can be done through a range of alternative therapies such as meditation, mindfulness, art therapy, breathwork therapy and much more.

Amrit Schmidt is the founder and CEO of Miracles Wellbeing Centre, Dubai. Born in the Middle East, Educated and qualified in the U.S. with over 15 years of holistic therapy experience, leading to an unrivalled experience for Miracle patrons.

EDUAE:  What forms of energy healing classes are available for children at Miracles – do these include reiki, crystal therapy and yoga? Do children take to these modalities enthusiastically?

Hiba Najar: At Miracles, we work with parents to address issues they are facing with their child, or that their child is facing at home and at school, and we find that children are very receptive and enthusiastic about the services we offer. 

Meditation is one of the most popular as it takes the child’s imagination on a relaxing, thoughtful journey with positive affirmations. This allows the child to explore their subconscious in a safe and peaceful way.

Crystal therapy is great for children to explore their thoughts and feelings in a fun way. This also provides insight into how the child is feeling based on the crystal they are drawn to. Crystals are also a great take-home therapy for children as they can keep their chosen crystal close by and hold it whenever they feel they need healing. Fun fact: Amethyst is a great crystal for kids because of its calming effects.

Reiki for kids is such a wonderful way for children to overcome feelings of stress, hyperactivity and anxiety while clearing and balancing their energy centres in the body. Children tend to really enjoy this experience as they just have to relax and enjoy the session.

We offer parents strategies to use at home with their children such as sleep talk therapy, which is a tool taught by our hypnotherapist and another fantastic way for parents to implement change by addressing the child’s thought patterns and behaviours in a non-invasive way by reprogramming their thoughts to be more positive before bedtime.

The journey to discover the authentic self is a journey that requires guidance, support, mindfulness, self-love and self-awareness

EDUAE: Can parents and children do classes together, and is this a good idea?

Rreema Aidasahnni: Yes, this is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family. Our children are our mirrors; they are here to show us our triggers and pain points. Every time we get triggered with our children, it is an opportunity to go within and look into what aspects of our lives need balancing and healing. 

For example, if you feel disrespected by your child, look within to see where in your life you disrespect yourself and your needs. When we heal ourselves, we heal our children and break patterns. If we don’t release these patterns, we pass them on to future generations. 

Working together by participating in classes is not only very insightful, but it also creates a beautiful family dynamic, bond and synergy.

Fun fact:
Amethyst is a great crystal for kids because of its calming effect.

EDUAE:  We all have bouts of anxiety and ‘the blues’, no matter what our ages. You must see many adults and children who become much calmer, happier and well-balanced after several classes?

Jane Elizabeth: We see that clients are much calmer and happier after the first session of either reiki or meditation. The most common feedback I get as a reiki practitioner from parents/children is that, after a session, they see an immediate release of stress and anxiety followed by a feeling of deep relaxation. 

Both reiki and meditation help you to release any negative energy and get the positive energy flowing, with a beautiful feeling of inner peace. Reiki is a great way to heal the parent and relax the child. 

After receiving reiki or meditation you can expect to feel: 

  • Lighter
  • Happier
  • Energised
  • More relaxed
  • Freer in your body and space 

EDUAE: For those people completely new to the world of Miracles and the therapies, classes and courses offered, where would you suggest they start in what is often a journey to discover the authentic self?

Hiba Mehanna: The journey to discover the authentic self is a journey that requires guidance, support, mindfulness, self-love and self-awareness. It is about being open to discovering and healing the parts of yourself that you may not even know are there.

Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start, so I would suggest picking up the phone and getting in contact with us at Miracles. This way you will be able to speak with a qualified member of our team who will be able to guide you on the best and most appropriate alternative therapy path for you and your family. 

It is important to remember we are all unique in our being, and no one size fits all. Whether you begin with meditations or private sessions, you will be in a safe space, a home away from home,  in an environment that is completely confidential and offers only unconditional positive regard. The experience at Miracles in itself can be a form of therapy and definitely a positive step on the journey toward discovering the authentic self.

A recent testimonial of a child’s experience at Miracles after experiencing reiki with our practitioner Jane Elizabeth: “I have a feeling that my son, who is five years old, is very emotional and sometimes he doesn’t know how to deal with it. I decided to give Jane the opportunity to work with him with some reiki and meditation. The experience was amazing and he just loved it. We also got some healing crystals, which are now part of our daily routine.”

If you are interested in joining one of our classes with your child or Miracles doing a workshop in your school, please contact us on:

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