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Learners Open Day at Citizens

by Eddie Rayner

Make a note of 13 and 27 January in your diary, for these are the days that your child can experience a day in the life of a citizens learner!

Your child will be a ‘Citizen’ for the morning and will join in the lessons alongside the school’s current learners. Find out exactly what makes Citizens School unique and how its learners are embracing opportunities of the future with the skills and experience they gain at Citizens School.

Parents will get to take a tour of the school, meet the Senior Leadership Team, and ask any questions they may have about Citizens or Dubai’s education system in general.

Citizens School is a newly opened school in Dubai that reimagines traditional education and challenges the conventional. Citizens is modernising the way in which education is served to children by fostering creative thinking, equipping children to tackle the challenges of tomorrow, and uniquely meeting children’s wellbeing and educational needs.

Using the British National Curriculum as a foundation framework, Citizens School has created a bespoke framework called the Citizens Future Framework. This enhanced educational philosophy includes themes such as wellbeing, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and creativity, and forms the culture of the school.

If you are looking for a school that will prepare your child for the future and gives them a head start in life, this event is for you.

There’ll be plenty of time to discuss and ask questions about any topic you are interested in and find out about the special offer for founding families – 20% off on all school fees.

To find out more about more, visit Citizens School now!