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Inaugural ‘Innovation in Education: UAE Schools’ Summit Sparks Conversation on Schools and How to Explore AI-Driven Educational Solutions

by Belinda Breeze

PowerSchool, a leading provider of cloud-based software for K-12 education in North America, hosted the first edition of its ‘Innovation in Education: UAE Schools’ Summit at Dunecrest American School in Dubai.

Held in collaboration with Esol Education, a leading company specialising in K-12 international education in the Middle East, Mediterranean and East Asia, the Summit aims to become an annual platform for collaborative discussions on AI and innovation, bringing together top schools and education leaders from across the Emirates to drive the future of education.

The one-of-a-kind summit provided a dynamic, enriching experience, offering attendees a day filled with valuable insights, unique networking opportunities, interactive sessions, and engaging discussions. The one-day event focused on key topics including security, data access, responsible use of AI, and life readiness / workforce development, with a focus on enhancing educational practices and outcomes.

A survey was also conducted to assess participants’ perspectives on technology in schools. The findings revealed student behaviour management emerged as the primary education challenge for the current year, highlighted by 70% of respondents. Additionally, implementing new AI guidance and utilising student-facing AI tools were identified as significant technological challenges. Moving forward, priorities encompassed scaling high-quality instruction and implementing effective student interventions, with a particular emphasis on integrating new AI learning tools.

“Empowering educators and students to reach their full potential through leveraging AI capabilities lies at the heart of our mission at PowerSchool,” said Shivani Stumpf, Chief Product Officer, PowerSchool. “Hosting the ‘Innovation in Education: UAE Schools’ Summit with Esol Education underscores our unwavering commitment to embracing innovation within the educational landscape.”
“This event represents a significant opportunity for educators in the UAE to come together, exchange ideas, and explore innovative solutions to enrich student learning experiences. Through collaborative efforts and insightful discussions, we aim to chart a course towards a brighter future for education in the UAE and beyond.”

The Summit served as a platform for attendees to participate in engaging sessions delving into the benefits of customised learning experiences facilitated by the innovative Personalised Learning Cloud. Additionally, valuable insights were shared on the advantages of data as a service, focusing on how PowerSchool’s platforms streamline data centralisation to empower educators.

Attendees explored the latest cutting-edge product enhancements in the industry, including Connected Intelligence, the education sector’s pioneering fully managed data-as-a-service platform, as well as PowerBuddy, PowerSchool’s AI-assistant, which was specifically designed for students, families, teachers, and administrators.

Participants also emphasised their commitment to overcoming traditional education beliefs to embrace personalised approaches, as highlighted in the survey. AI virtual assistants were recognised as crucial for supporting personalised education, with over 66% strongly agreeing that technology helps personalise each student’s educational experience, while 75% saw the value in generative AI.

However, survey results also revealed that educators are looking for more guidance from school and industry leaders to responsibly implement AI solutions. Regarding AI integration, 37.5% reported piloting AI without established guidelines, while integration with existing educational technology systems was highlighted as a top hurdle. Respondents also raised concerns about data privacy, security, and ethical considerations.

This survey feedback underscores the importance of working with technology vendors who understand the unique needs of education and are building responsible AI products, like PowerSchool, a leader in Responsible AI. PowerSchool also educates and equips education leaders with tools to evaluate AI technology vendors and their AI readiness and implementation.

Dr. Joseph Nettikaden, Chief Information Officer, Esol Education, added: “As advocates for holistic data-driven approaches to teaching and learning, we are thrilled to be a part of this collaborative platform, which serves as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue among educators in the UAE. AI-powered analytics are poised to revolutionise the process of measuring and influencing student achievement, allowing us to determine what makes the greatest impact, and empowering students to work towards their desired future outcomes.”

PowerSchool is empowering more than 50 million students globally with intuitive solutions that elevate security, centralise access to comprehensive data, save teachers time, increase family engagement, and enhance student performance through AI-driven personalised education.