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If You’re Considering Wall Art for Your School, Read This!

by Eddie Rayner

We know that choosing Wall Art for your school is a big decision. You’ll need confidence that it’s worth the investment, and will help you achieve your ambitions as a school.

Start with your Goals

Before you decide what you want to achieve with your Wall Art and where best to place it, it’s good to ask yourself why you’re considering Wall Art in the first place. This is important because it’ll help you determine the right topic to cover, a suitable location and the most appropriate style for your designs. Remember, you can always phase your Wall Art into different projects, goals and areas of your school. You don’t need to do it all at once. Your goals might be based on; 

  • learning outcomes
  • Ofsted inspection criteria
  • your school development plan
  • wellbeing
  • motivation and morale
  • values and ethos
  • fitness and health
  • visual learning environment
  • recruitment and open days

Or something completely unique to your school.

…Speaking of Unique

Your school is unlike any other, so it’s a good idea to go bespoke for your Wall Art. This means your designs will be created to your specific needs, preferences, budget, content, tone of voice and look and feel as a school. When we design bespoke Wall Art for schools, we’re often asked to align the designs to the school’s branding and colours. This is a great idea because it creates a really unified look across the school.

The Design Process

Are you nervous about the dark magic that happens behind the doors of the design studio? If you choose Promote Your School to design Wall Art for your school, it won’t be a mystery! Instead, we’re very transparent about our design process. So you won’t have any unexpected surprises at the end of your project. We also offer unlimited design amends according to your original brief at no extra cost, so you’ll only sign off your artwork when you’re 100% happy. Most schools only need a couple of amends to their designs (at the most) but we like to offer this option to give our clients full control and flexibility over their artwork. This transparent and flexible service is one of the many reasons so many schools return to us for further projects after their first installation. And we take great pride in our clients’ positive feedback.


Another question you might ask when considering Wall Art for your school is: “How long will it take?” Wall Art projects with Promote Your School typically take 4-6 weeks from your order being placed to installation. This depends on the size and scale of your project. But, if you are on a tighter deadline we can work to your schedule. Just let us know!

The Outcome

We have over 20 years’ experience in education and design and we work with schools all over the world. We’ve crafted a seamless process that makes it smooth and easy for the schools we work with. To begin, we’ll visit your school free of charge to discuss your goals and check out the space you have in mind. We’ll also make suggestions about how to maximise your space and budget. Once your Wall Art has been designed, we’ll liaise with you to arrange a convenient installation date. It’s our aim to minimise any disruption to teaching time. So our installation team can work around your schedule, even if that means installing over the weekend or during the holidays.

To arrange a free site visit or consultation, get in touch.
You can also view more examples of our work in the Case Studies section of the website!