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Dare to be Different with Bloom World Academy

by Eddie Rayner

Bloom World Academy invites you to Reform in the Lakes on Tuesday 31 May from 9.00 am for a FREE breakfast and to listen to the Founding Principal talk about how the school is doing things differently, from a later school start time to honouring young people’s natural sleep cycles and onto monthly meetings on your child’s progress. Put simply, the school is developing a customised education to suit your child’s needs, allowing them to progress beyond their age or academic year, and these are just some of the ways in which it is doing things differently.

To reserve your place please WhatsApp 058 560 4862 with your name, number and email, plus the age of your child.

We look forward to seeing you at Reform on Tuesday 31 May.

For further details on the event, visit www.britishmums.com/dubai/events/breakfast-bloom-world-academy/