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Abu Dhabi University to Host EUROHAB

by Eddie Rayner

Abu Dhabi University (ADU) is set to host the innovative ‘OASIS’ EUROHAB, a lunar habitat concept developed by the French start-up, Spartan Space. Spartan Space has been selected by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) Space Ventures programme to promote and develop a new space exploration ecosystem in the UAE. Hosted at ADU’s main campus from February 8 – 11, EUROHAB is an inflatable habitat conceived for missions on the surface of the Moon or Mars. The innovative project was developed in collaboration with French Space Agency (CNES) and other partners.

OASIS/EUROHAB is an inflatable lunar habitat concept developed by the leading French start-up Spartan Space

As part of ADU’s commitment to providing students with an exemplary student experience, ADU is constantly adapting educational tools and programmes that elevate the student experience and best prepare them for the career market. The display of the Space Habitat at ADU’s main campus will present students with advanced learning opportunities and create a deeper learning experience based on practical application.

Spartan Space is part of MBRSC Space Ventures programme

Previously the model was presented at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) Dubai 2021 with support from MBSRC and the concept was also showcased at the French Pavilion in EXPO 2020 Dubai. EUROHAB provides a secondary habitat for astronauts, representing the first step towards a permanent lunar settlement at the Moon’s South Pole. The concept is designed for a crew of two to four astronauts. Besides being a secondary habitat for crewed lunar missions, it can be also considered as a safe haven in case of emergency.

The Project is developed in collaboration with French Space Agency (CNES) and other partners

The prototype will serve as a new platform for developing the new generation of technologies for future human exploration. In addition, it will be used as an analogue facility for simulation missions on the ground.

ADU students and professors will have the opportunity to witness the assembly of ‘OASIS’ EUROHAB on campus and tour around the display for four days. The University will be hosting a series of university and high school visits to extend the experience to the greatest number of UAE-based educational institutions possible.