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When kids painted with coffee

by Belinda Breeze

The launch event of The Junior Trumpet, a monthly magazine where young talent shines.

A live art event for children and young adults marked the launch of The Junior Trumpet magazine, a space for young talent to shine. Editor-Founder Purva Grover welcomed children to the venue on Sunday, January 14, The Brew Crew, Dubai Investment Park (DIP) 2, Dubai, to congratulate them for their work making it to the debut edition of the magazine!

The children’s effort was recognised over some delicious cake and a certificate ceremony. The children and parents also learned how coffee is brewed and roasted as they took a tour of the facility at The Brew Crew. Co-founders Ashjeet Talwar and Ghanu, The Brew Crew, led the tour for the children and the parents.

The event’s highlight was how each of them learned how to draw, create, and paint live with coffee under the guidance of UAE-based artist Zahra Goulamhoussen. The children created artworks on paper treated with coffee! The themes they worked on varied from doodles on global spots where the best coffee is found to illustrations of the French Press.

Many kids even used coffee beans as part of their creation.

The Junior Trumpet is a supplementary magazine released monthly by The Indian Trumpet, a quarterly digital magazine that captures India’s colour, culture & chaos!

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