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UniHawk sets students on the path to Oxbridge and Ivy League schools

by Belinda Breeze

Students guided by Dubai-based education experts, UniHawk, are preparing to take their places at some of the world’s most renowned universities, with offers from elite institutions like Oxford, Cambridge and UPenn among this year’s cohort. More than 60 places and over $1.6 million in scholarships have been awarded by top-tier international institutions to UniHawk students, while numerous other applicants have also been helped to find the right fit and secure entry to other leading universities overseas.

With offers from 14 institutions, including four schools from the top 15 in the world, Siddhant Tandon is one of this year’s candidates who has accepted a place at Oxford University, to study Economics and Management. He says, “It is a dream come true be able to interact with and learn from some of the brightest minds on the planet, and I cannot wait to use my learning to change the world for the better. Working with UniHawk was an amazing experience and it is thanks to the team that I got accepted into Oxford.”

Over 60 top-tier places and more than $1.6M in scholarships awarded to 2023 cohort

Another student preparing to join one of those highly selective institutions is Anushka Kelshikar, who has been accepted into Boston University to study Biomedical Engineering. Earning a Trustee Scholarship to pursue her studies Anushka says, “Looking back on my journey I remember being unsure about what I wanted to pursue, and it was the UniHawk team that led me to where my interests lie. From shortlisting institutions, applying for scholarship, and answering any doubts I had, the process really helped me gain confidence in myself.”

According to UniHawk Founder and CEO, Varun Jain, gaining that confidence and building a profile are vital in navigating the pathway to university. He explains, “Students should start thinking about their different options as soon as they make the decision to go to university, so that they can shortlist the right institutions and work towards that goal. In addition to securing the grades they need it is important to get involved in extracurricular activities that will help to demonstrate their personality and boost their self-confidence. There are a lot of structured opportunities to do this, for example, the Harvard Youth Lead the Change program, which we will be bringing to Dubai again this Summer from 4th to 8th July.”

Based on the success of students previously guided by Varun and his team, Siddhant, Anushka, and this year’s other applicants are heading for a bright future. Among those UniHawk alumni is Rohit Khanwani, who has been on an impressive career trajectory since his admission to Ivy League school, Cornell University. Following his passion to pursue a career in tech, Rohit studied Computer Science and now works for a US based software start-up. He revealed, “The admissions process was extremely gruelling, with multiple tests and essays along with the usual application requirements, and I was fortunate to have Varun and the team supporting me from start to finish.”

Students have received offers from 14 institutions, including four schools from the top 15 in the world

While many students from this year will be following in the footsteps of previous successful applications to study medicine, engineering, and business at leading institutions in the US, UK,

Canada and Ireland, UniHawk also helps students to navigate the admissions process for non-traditional higher education routes. Neha Suresh sought the team’s guidance to apply to drama schools and conservatoires in the UK and the US, going on to study her undergraduate degree at Guildford School of Acting and pursue her Masters at the University of Southern California. Meanwhile, when Abdallah Mokachar was exploring a change in career from engineering to consulting, he received support from UniHawk to gain admission to his MBA program at CEIBS.

Varun concludes, “Our focus is on helping students to find the right fit for them, which starts with enabling them to define the future life they want to live. Once the student is clear about what they want to achieve, we can support them with the admission and scholarship applications, as well as the tests, interviews, and other entry requirements that will help them to turn their dream into reality.”

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