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Transform Your Future: Learn Chinese with hihilulu for Global Opportunities!

by Belinda Breeze

Learning Chinese is increasingly important for young people, not least because China has emerged as a major player in the global economy, offering vast opportunities for trade, business, and innovation.

As China continues to play a pivotal role in global affairs, understanding the Chinese language and culture becomes increasingly strategic. Moreover, proficiency in Chinese opens doors to educational opportunities, including scholarships and research collaborations, at some of the world’s top universities.

There is a belief, however, that Chinese is a difficult language to learn. Not true, especially when studying with hihilulu, where the methodology not only makes it far easier than you had previously imagined but a lot of fun too!

Laura Wojciechowski, Education UAE Media Director with Jennifer Huang, Founder and CEO of hihilulu, Daniel Zumino, Strategic Advisor for hihilulu, and Amy Li, hihilulu’s UAE Representative.

Language Learning Made Engaging and Effective

hihilulu was established in Paris by Jennifer Huang in response to the challenge of developing effective teaching strategies for young Chinese learners in France. The programme draws inspiration from the groundbreaking work of Professor Joël Bellassen, a key figure in the development of Chinese language instruction in Europe and former Inspector General of Chinese Teaching at the French National Education Ministry.

The Chinese language is presented to young children as a tonal system and non-alphabetic writing system according to an innovative educational approach created in the 1980s by Professor Bellassen, who has devoted his life to teaching this language. This approach incorporates what is known as ‘snowballing’, a powerful strategy for simplifying Chinese learning. Choosing 125 components as the fundamental building blocks that quickly snowball into new characters, words, phrases, and full sentences, hihilulu breaks down complex tasks into manageable steps, and, building on small successes, learners can make continuous progress toward their goals while gaining confidence and motivation along the way.

Based on rich content but integrated with this highly effective proprietary pedagogy for children, hihilulu is the best-in-class full-service solution, including a digital platform and certified teachers for kindergartens and schools worldwide. Teachers are provided with tools, a curriculum system, and fun activities to facilitate the teaching of Chinese to children.

Particularly focusing on children from 3 to 12 years old, which is the golden age to become multilingual, in response to high demand from middle schools, hihilulu is now adapting to teenage groups and launching a customised solution for middle schools.

Ignite Your Passion for Learning

hihilulu is launching in the UAE at an international kindergarten group and multiple international schools, and, under the hihilulu Academy®️, led by its academic advisor Professor Bellassen, has trained and certified the first group of teachers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, who are now ready to initiate the programme in schools.

Providing a full-service solution to schools, from a digital platform with curriculum, homework, and data to certified teachers, hihilulu also has local representatives and partners to provide support and customer service. This allows schools to enjoy a stress-free commencement to their new Chinese programme, which will enhance their proposition and competitiveness.

hihilulu also offers students the opportunity to embark on an enriching journey through a comprehensive offline Chinese language programme, taking 1.5-3 hours per week at a partner school or institute. This incorporates an annual plan (35 weeks per year), with different classes according to age and level.

Holiday Camps are offered too, taking in 3-7 hours per day over a week, again at a partner school or institute. These are held during school vacations with theme-based contextual learning. Activities and teaching materials include hihilulu Learn Chinese APP, hihilulu Atelier® school platform, and physical materials such as immersive flashcards and Chinese characters puzzle games.

Join the Global Conversation: Speak Chinese with Confidence!

Schools and parents must understand the importance of learning Chinese at an early age, with two recent scientific research papers published worldwide confirming the Chinese language’s impact on brain development and multilingualism on shaping personality in early-age education.

Early exposure to Chinese facilitates language acquisition, as young minds are more receptive to new sounds and linguistic patterns. Additionally, mastering Chinese fosters cultural understanding, promoting empathy and appreciation for diverse perspectives, while proficiency in the language enhances cognitive skills such as problem-solving, multitasking, and creativity. Ultimately, early education in Chinese equips children with invaluable linguistic, cultural, and cognitive advantages for lifelong success.

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