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The Science of Learning: 99 Studies That Every Teacher Needs to Know

by Eddie Rayner

The Science of Learning summarises 99 of the most significant and influential studies on the subject of education into clearly readable summaries to assist teachers in their efforts to support students’ learning as effectively and efficiently as possible. With 22 additional studies in this second edition, covering important topics that include cognitive-load theory, wellbeing, and performing well under test pressure, this fascinating book digs deep into the realm of research to explain what aids student learning.

Taking a very simple and transparent path, The Science of Learning decodes and presents information in a way that even teachers who are not familiar with academic reading could understand. Each paper is also presented with illustrations that aid in the processing of the information.

This unique resource gives teachers the essential details and implications of each study, including large and small-scale studies, quirky and renowned studies, and everything in between. Each overview asks essential questions, describes relevant research, incorporates images and text, and weighs practical consequences.

Each overview is attributed to one of seven key categories:

  • Memory: increasing how much students remember
  • Mindset, motivation and resilience: improving persistence, effort and attitude
  • Self-regulation and metacognition: helping students to think clearly and consistently
  • Student behaviours: encouraging positive student habits and processes
  • Teacher attitudes, expectations and behaviours: adopting positive classroom practices
  • Parents: how parents’ choices and behaviours impact their children’s learning
  • Thinking biases: avoiding faulty thinking habits that get in the way of learning

The Science of Learning makes it very easy to access and act on the concise summaries of educational research study findings, related research, and classroom implications, including explicit cross-referencing to other studies in the book. For educators looking to either shift their current practice to something with more than simply anecdotal support or to ensure that what they are doing is rigorous and valid, this is unparalleled.

As Jonnie Noakes, Head of Teaching and Learning at Eton College in the UK, said: “This is the educational research book I have been waiting for!”

The Science of Learning ought to be available to every teacher.

The Science of Learning can be purchased from all good booksellers, including Amazon for AED114.15