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The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Returns

by Eddie Rayner

After a two-year hiatus, the world’s largest book sale returns to Dubai!

Taking place from 14-25 April, the Big Bad Wolf book sale will be held at the Sound Stages in Dubai Studio City between 10.00 am and 2.00 am. Over a million titles will be available for purchase, with discounts of up to 80% and prices starting at AED 2.

Best-sellers, novels, science fiction, graphic novels, and children’s books will be available during the 11-day book sale.

Have you ever wondered where the name ‘Big Bad Wolf’ came from? The two co-founders have a fascinating tale to tell.

“Our main target market is children,” explained Andrew Yap. “We wanted a character that would appeal to them. A character that is classic. We realised that most of the people in our generation knew the Big Bad Wolf from the story Little Red Riding Hood. However, a lot of younger children didn’t know the character. So we wanted to introduce it to them. Also, I feel like we always remember the villains or bad characters of a story more than the heroes.”

Over one million titles will be on sale, with prices starting from AED 2

“We also did not have any budgets for advertising and promotions,” added Jacqueline Ng. “So, we decided to use a cheeky name that would also be memorable. We wanted something that captivated the kids’ hearts and to be honest, I think we have succeeded to a large extent.”

The Big Bad Wolf has toured 34 locations in 13 countries since its inception in Malaysia in 2009.