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Spring Semester Starts at AASTS  Sharjah Branch

by Eddie Rayner

Study has begun in the Spring semester of the academic year 2021/2022 at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport Sharjah Branch (AASTS) in Khorfakkan. AASTS organised an induction programme for new students, and has communicated with all students to inform them about methods of the academic and practical study programmes. AASTS has emphasised that it continues to implement all precautionary measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 as per the standards and recommendations of the relevant authorities in the UAE. All students and staff on campus are required to take regular Covid-19 tests.

H.E. Dr Ismail Abdel Ghaffar Ismail Farag, President of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, said: “At the Academy’s Sharjah branch, we continue our journey to be a continuous resource for academically-qualified professionals from the UAE citizens as well citizens of neighbouring countries to meet the growing demand for national professionals in this vital sector, which is key to the region’s economy and its maritime security. Through its specialised staff, the Academy provides the maritime sector with advanced research and development capabilities, as well as continuous training for maritime companies’ staff. This will enhance investments in the region’s maritime sector.”

Abdel Ghaffar added: “The Academy’s Sharjah Branch is the largest and most equipped so far, and is on a par with the most prestigious maritime and academic institutions in the world. Study at the Academy gives students the opportunity to join the maritime field, which opens a world of unlimited adventures, ambition and benefits. This is consolidated by learning leadership skills and developing disciplined personalities capable of facing challenges and turning them into opportunities for success and excellence.”

“Through its specialised staff, the Academy provides the maritime sector with advanced research and development capabilities”

Distinguished Batch

Dr Capt. Ahmed Youssef, Associate Dean, College of Maritime Transport and Technology, AASTS, explained that students have been accepted for the sixth batch at the Academy after passing the medical fitness tests. This is a reasonable number and is close to the target number of students. This brings the total number of the Academy’s students at the Maritime Transport and Technology Collegeto 324, which is the largest number in the GCC.

Youssefsaid: “Working in the maritime sector requires certain competencies. That’s why we have designed a number of recreational, social, and practical activities alongside the academic programmes. These aim to make study and learning at the Academy a distinguished journey to build personality in a happy and fun-filled environment while giving students incentives to excel and be creative. This extends beyond the limits of the typical study relationship with the Academy. These activities include field trips inside and outside the UAE to major marine companies and in addition to sports, recreational and artistic activities. These activities refine students’ personalities, develop their life experiences, and make their study years at the Academy useful for their careers as well as their personal and leadership capabilities.”

“These activities include field trips inside and outside the UAE to major marine companies”

The College of Maritime Transport and Technology offers two specialisations: port operations and maritime operations. Graduates receive a Bachelor of Maritime Transport Technology + 2nd Mate Certificate of Competency, or a Bachelor of Marine Engineering Technology in marine mechanics or marine electricity, plus a 3rd Engineer Certificate of Competency. Both disciplines qualify graduates to work onboard commercial and offshore service vessels. AASTS also seeks to attract professionals working in maritime companies in the UAE who wish to take specialised training courses as part of its professional development and continuing education programmes. AASTS provides maritime passport renewal for marine officers, engineers and seafarers, and cooperates with the training departments of shipping companies to design specialised training programmes in various maritime technical and administrative areas, using the Academy’s latest technologies and state-of-the-art simulators.