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Repton Family of Schools Attain Outstanding 2022 IGCSE Results

by Eddie Rayner

The Repton Family of Schools in the UAE announces another year of academic excellence in the 2022 IGCSE examination results. This year, Repton Dubai celebrates exceptional performances for the 13th consecutive year along with its sister school, Repton Abu Dhabi, also showcasing top results from its second IGCSE cohort.

Building on last year’s brilliant inaugural performance, students at Repton Abu Dhabi’s Fry Campus displayed a consecutive exemplary performance with 30% of exam entries awarded the maximum grade 9/8’s (A*) and 54% received the grade 9-7’s (A*-A); while it also received a 97% overall student pass rate 9-4 (A*-C). The results from this year’s IGCSE examinations reflect Repton Abu Dhabi’s resilience, determination, and passion for outstanding academic results.

Repton Dubai continues to showcase praise-worthy performances in the IGCSE examinations with 29% of exam entries awarded the 9-8 grade (A*) and 51% received the grade 9-7’s (A*-A), further pushing the benchmark for future cohorts to follow.

Repton Abu Dhabi once again achieves academic excellence with 30% of exam entries awarded Grade 9-8 (A*) and 54% receiving grades 9-7’s (A*-A)

David Cook, Chief Education Officer of Excella and Headmaster at Repton Dubai says: “The Repton Family of Schools in the UAE has a longstanding history of producing outstanding results and we are proud of our students’ performances in this year’s GCSE examinations. These results are doubly impressive given that this cohort entered ‘lockdown’ in April 2020 due to the pandemic, when they were still in Year 9, and then many of the same students spent their Year 10, remote learning from home. The phenomenal grades secured by Reptonians are a true reflection of the commitment and dedication to achieving academic excellence by both teachers and students. With these impressive grades, we are confident that our students will succeed in the next phase of their academic life and careers.”

To recognise students’ outstanding achievements, Repton Abu Dhabi has also offered its Year 11 top-performers academic scholarships at the Sixth Form for the next academic year. Deema Al Qemzi, who attained 9 Grade 9-7 (A*-A) and Sofia Polyzou, who received 8 Grade 9-7(A*-A), were awarded academic scholarships for their remarkable performances.

Repton Dubai’s GCSE cohort attains outstanding scores with 29% of exam entries awarded 9-8 Grade (A*) and 51% receiving Grades 9-7’s (A*-A)

Stephen Davis, Headteacher of Repton Abu Dhabi Senior School says: “I am delighted by the results our students have achieved this year, marking a successful second consecutive year of outstanding academic achievement. I would like to congratulate all the students and teachers, and thank our parents for their wonderful support, encouragement, and motivation, which has played a pivotal part in our students’ amazing accomplishments.”

Repton Abu Dhabi achieved a 97% overall student pass rate 9-4 (A*-C) and Repton Dubai achieved a 95% overall student pass rate (A*-C)

The ‘Repton Headstart’ programme, offered every year to the Year 11 cohort at the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE, provides further support to students following their GCSE final examinations. The two-week-long programme is designed to prepare students for their academic road ahead, bridging the gap between IGCSE, IB, or A Levels and university life.  It offers a range of courses, including ‘Finance for Teens’, ‘First Aid’, ‘EPQ Preparation’, ‘Study and Metacognition Skills’, ‘University and Career Guidance’, and introductory A-Level or IB sessions.

The Repton Family of Schools recently also launched the region’s first K12 block-chain secured multimedia digital portfolio – Repton Passport. Students and alumni from Repton Dubai, Repton Al Barsha, and Repton Abu Dhabi – will be able to safely receive, manage and share their academic and extra-curricular accomplishments via unique links, multiple platforms, and social media. Reptonians can store and manage their credentials, and easily share records for university, job applications, and other opportunities.

80% of students from Repton Dubai secured 9-7 grade (A*-A) in Biology

Starting from the 2022-2023 academic year, the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE will be the first in the region to offer the blockchain-secured multimedia digital portfolio, Repton Passport’, to all students past, present and future, covering Reptonians from FS1 to Year 13.

Reptonian academic achievements include:

Repton School Abu Dhabi IGCSE 2022 Results:

  • Deema Al Qemziachieved six Grade 9 and 8’s in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Literature, Maths, and French.
  • Sofia Polyzouachieved six Grade 9 and 8’s in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Maths, and French.
  • Osama El Mahdyachieved five Grade 9 and 8’s in Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Maths, and French.
  • Mutasim Abdelwahabachieved five Grade 9 and 8’s in Combined Science, History, Geography, Maths, and Arabic.

Repton School Dubai GCSE 2022 Results:

  • Mariam Alogailyattained nine Grade 9’s.This outstanding performance ensures she will continue her studies on the IBDP course at Repton Dubai.
  • Siddhant Mehrotra attained eight Grade 9’sand will also be returning to Repton to complete his 6th form studies. 
  • Jamila Mohamudbucusattained eight Grade 9’s and was delighted with her results as they allow her to continue her studies at Repton Dubai.

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