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Renaissance Using Data to Drive Accelerated Learning and Growth

by Belinda Breeze

Two Insight Days run by Renaissance in Dubai and Riyadh dove into the hub of educational innovation, exploring cutting-edge ed-tech, pedagogical advancements, and transformative learning methodologies. Engaging with pioneers in the field, they looked at diverse perspectives and immersed delegates in discussions, workshops, and interactions, gaining invaluable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of education in these two influential cities.

Where Excellence Meets Education: Dubai’s Academic Frontier

Renaissance Educator Insight Day in Dubai was an exceptional event held at the Grand Millennium Dubai on Thursday, November 2nd, 2023! The focus of the workshop was on the theme of ‘Using Data to Drive Accelerated Learning and Growth’. At this insightful gathering, educators explored assessments, learning gaps, interventions, and strategic planning tailored for schools.

Featuring a lineup of speakers including Sarah Macaskill, Primary Head at the Smart Vision School, alongside Renaissance’s very own Charlie Line and Sophie Gudgeon, the day was packed with invaluable insights.

The programme was designed to offer engaging sessions tailored to provide attendees with practical classroom applications, interactive Q&A discussions, and invaluable insights. These sessions were aimed at empowering educators with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate data-driven education successfully.

Overall, it was an incredible opportunity for educators to enrich their teaching skills and enhance strategic planning using data-driven insights, and proved to be an enriching experience, fostering an environment for growth and innovation in education.

Where Knowledge Thrives: Riyadh’s Commitment to Education

Insight Day Riyadh took place at Park Inn by Radisson on Thursday, 12 October 2023, marking Renaissance’s first in-person workshop in Saudi Arabia. The workshop centred around the theme ‘Using Data to Drive Accelerated Learning and Growth’.

During the event, educators delved into assessments, addressed learning gaps, implemented targeted interventions, and crafted school-specific strategic plans, and featured speakers such as Sophie Gudgeon and Elakkiya Kothandapani, both from Renaissance, Douglas Gray from BISR, and Rachel Rogers from GL Education.

They discussed how assessments can identify learning gaps, support interventions, and aid in school-wide planning. The day offered educational sessions, practical classroom tips, and Q&A opportunities. Attendees also enjoyed lunch and refreshments, promoting networking among participants and experts.

The workshop proved to be a remarkable opportunity for educators to refine their teaching abilities and strategic planning through the utilization of data-backed insights. It served as a catalyst for growth and innovation within the educational sphere.


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