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Power of Humanity Celebrated at Spectrum 2022!

by Eddie Rayner

Laughs and chuckles of little hearts from seven Special Needs Schools filled the air of BITS Pilani Dubai Campus (BPDC) as Spectrum 22. Organised successfully by the engineering students and making a comeback after two years, the event brought smiles to the faces of 150 determined children from Rashid Centre for People of Determination, SNF Special Needs Future Development Centre, Manzil Centre – Sharjah, Sharjah Autism Centre, Awladouna Centre, Senses Residential and Day Care For Special Needs, and Tender Hearts Arena.

The event, organised by the Social and Environment Club of BPDC, aims to bring awareness about People of Determination and create an environment of inclusivity and empathy amongst students

Commenting on the event, Professor Dr Srinivasan, Director of BPDC, said: “Spectrum 2022 has been an immensely successful and inspirational event as it helped achieve our purpose of bringing smiles on the faces of specially-abled students. We consider Spectrum 2022 to be the pinnacle and the embodiment of the values that we at BITS strive to instil in our community – the spirit of empathy, inclusiveness, a celebration of diversity and giving back to the society. We will continue to host Spectrum in coming years as it provides us with an opportunity to interact with people of determination and experience the atmosphere of kindness and acceptance”.

150 kids from seven special needs centres attend the event organised by engineering students

The music club of BPDC opened the gala series of performances with a song. The spotlight shone brightly on the talent of students from Rashid School as they performed an entertaining dance number which was followed by a soulful recitation of a poem by children of Awladouna School. The little kids of Senses School hopped onto the stage with their musical instruments and got everyone swaying to their tunes and foot-tapping on the beats of the bongo. The event housed fun corners for guests such as balloon pits, face painting, indoor sports and much more. Smiles erupted on the faces of the youngsters as medals, goodie bags and certificates of appreciation were handed out.

“We consider Spectrum 2022 to be the pinnacle and the embodiment of the values that we at BITS strive to instil in our community”

The entire crowd burst into spontaneous applause as children from Manzil School, SNF School and Senses School started dancing. The event culminated with Groove, the dance club of BPDC, which got everyone up on the floor.

“It was truly an extraordinary atmosphere, where each one of us appreciated our differences as human beings and celebrated the power of humanity. These little kids have inspired us through their perseverance and courage. We are grateful to everyone who participated and made this event a reality. We thank all the schools who participated and put up excellent performances,” concluded Dr Geetha, Social and Environment Club, BPDC.

For more information visit https://www.bits-pilani.ac.in/dubai/