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Pearson to showcase upskilling and language tools at Dubai HR Summit and Expo

by Belinda Breeze

Guy Elders, Director for Middle East and Africa at Pearson

Pearson, a global frontrunner in language solutions that enable businesses to recruit, develop and retain the best talent, will highlight the importance of corporate upskilling at the upcoming HR Summit & Expo (HRSE), one of the leading human resources events in the Middle East. The two-day event will take place on October 24 & 25 2023 in Dubai World Trade Centre and will bring together professionals with a focus on people including HR professionals, talent acquisition executives, business veterans, managers, and leaders from various industries across the region. As a Learning Sponsor, Pearson will share insights on the benefits of continuous learning for employees and the acquisition of future skills to successfully navigate the dynamic business landscape.

Pearson aims to support businesses in boosting their teams’ capabilities and will showcase their Corporate Language Learning Solutions at the summit. This initiative equips talent acquisition leaders with tools to precisely assess candidates’ fit, aids company managers in promoting employee growth, and empowers HR professionals to contribute to corporate initiatives. A McKinsey study indicates that 40 to 60% of a person’s total value in knowledge, skills, and abilities stems from their work experience. LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Report 2023, also emphasises that upskilling is one of the top focus areas for Learning and Development departments. This suggests that continuously learning new skills can significantly boost career progression and raise income opportunities.

Pearson will host a session with UAE’s HR community, business leaders, and corporate partners, empowering the Future Workforce to boost the country’s burgeoning economy

The UAE’s flourishing economy is fuelled by its strategic vision to focus on growing a knowledge-based economy, which focuses on diversifying the economy, increasing productivity, and empowering businesses. The country has introduced several programmes to support this, including the National Strategy for Higher Education 2030, which aims to equip future generations with vital skills to foster economic growth in all sectors and promote workforce development. PwC’s Middle East Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2023 revealed that 52% of those surveyed expect their jobs to change significantly in the next five years, compared with 36% globally, and feel the need to learn new skills. Simultaneously, 54% of the region’s workers trust their employers to keep up with current trends and support them in using their new skills. These trends align with Pearson’s goal of becoming the leading provider of language solutions for corporations through technology that prioritises upskilling initiatives to propel their workforce to develop versatile skill sets.

Guy Elders, Director for Middle East and Africa, Pearson and presenter at the HR Summit & Expo commented: “Employees must enhance and refine their skills if they want to thrive in their jobs in the next five years in the current dynamic business atmosphere. For companies, investing in employees has become a key driver of sustainable success. UAE businesses aim to be future-proof and are recognising that by nurturing the essential skillsets, they can cultivate a capable workforce prepared to tackle obstacles. At the HR Summit & Expo, we will delve into the positive impact of upskilling at every organisational level.”

”The HR Summit & Expo offers a perfect platform to present our tailored learning solutions, encouraging consistent upskilling and achievement”

Pearson’s offerings for the corporate sector, which will be highlighted during the HRSE, include:

  • Mondly by Pearson for Business – This in-depth language learning tool for companies provides employees with the vital language abilities to communicate seamlessly with their teams and clients. Mondly by Pearson for Business aids businesses in boosting their team’s language skills, resulting in better efficiency and deeper business connections.
  • Versant by Pearson – Acknowledging the need for top talent, Pearson offers a language assessment tool that measures English communication skills in specific business scenarios. A survey showed that 63% of language learners have higher workplace engagement. Versant by Pearson helps firms identify candidates with the right language skills, gaining a competitive edge in talent acquisition.

Ali Elsabban, Head of Corporate, Pearson MENAT commented: “English has become the lingua franca of international business, and hence language learning serves as a pivotal tool.  It enables companies to onboard and nurture top talent, enhance communication, and promote an inclusive and well-being-focused culture. Given that a majority of organisations are concerned about employee retention, the HR Summit & Expo offers a perfect platform to present our tailored learning solutions, encouraging consistent upskilling and achievement.”

Pearson continues to be a reliable and trusted partner for both government and private sector companies, offering language solutions that empower businesses to attract and develop high-quality talent, thereby driving business growth.

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