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Open Access to Digital Library during UAE Month of Reading

by Eddie Rayner

Ibtikar, a UAE-based educational technology company, in cooperation with United Educational Publishing (UEP), a UAE-based educational press, has announced that 1,000+ Arabic stories on their reading platform, Al Diwan powered by Akadimi, are now available for access without log-in during the UAE Month of Reading this month.

By enabling open access to their Al Diwan digital reading platform for the first time, Ibtikar aims to encourage Arabic reading and re-ignite the passion for lifelong learning among public and private school students and UAE readers as a whole.

As a subsidiary of Yas Holding’s education division, Nebras Education Holding, Ibtikar’s initiative is aligned with its Group’s mission to invest in opportunities in the education sector, which make a valuable contribution to the economic development of the country.

Al Diwan’s 1,000+ Arabic stories are now available without log-in throughout March

This initiative is also aligned with the UAE’s national strategic vision for reading to be ‘a way of life in the UAE by 2026’, creating accessible and engaging opportunities to motivate the community to develop a reading habit and drive the growth narrative of the UAE.

Al Diwan powered by Akadimi is one of Ibtikar’s many progressive solutions in response to the evolution of EdTech. A comprehensive digital library that houses 6,000+ books in four languages, it supports major book formats such as PDF and EPUB3, all of which can be accessed online or downloaded for offline reading, and read on all electronic devices.

Al Diwan is innovatively designed using digital reading technologies with a focus on education to increase efficiency and engagement in learning. It uses videos, interactive images, and widgets to engage and support student participation.

Al Diwan is accessibility-ready, combining unlimited 24/7 access to books with the flexibility of self-paced learning to provide an alternative learning experience. Its fully customisable features also make it an ideal reading solution for people of determination.

Readers may access the Al Diwan powered digital reading platform at https://reader.uepuae.ae/ during March.