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NYU Abu Dhabi Launches New Business Major

by Eddie Rayner

NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) has launched a new kind of business programme, the Business, Organisations and Society (BOS) major, to give students a holistic perspective on the complex interactions and interdependencies between business and society. The programme integrates business theory and application and leverages key principles of liberal arts. Students will be provided with a platform to effectively analyse business decisions and outcomes from multiple lenses (social, political, economic), with an emphasis on the role and responsibilities of business and organisations in society.

The Business, Organisations, and Society major will provide students with a broad set of methodological grounding, including quantitative and qualitative assessment capabilities and competence in business fundamentals. Students will learn to be effective organisational and global leaders through strategic thinking, practical experience, analytical, and quantitative skills, in conjunction with a focus on teamwork, communications, innovation, and creativity.

The business oriented programme with a social twist will prepare the next generation of leaders with a global, forward-thinking mindset

Commenting on the launch, Associate Professor Jemima A. Frimpong, who is Programme Head of the new Business, Organisations and Society Programme said: “The Business, Organisations and Society major is a multidisciplinary programme grounded on the principle that business must create value for society. We define society to include shareholders, consumers, suppliers, and communities, among others. The major emphasises strategic thinking, global perspectives, social awareness, and creativity, and is designed to prepare students with the necessary tools and skills to effectively function within and lead organisations. One of the key elements of the programme is a connection with Abu Dhabi, whereby the major will produce well-rounded students with entrepreneurial mindsets and competencies in business that can contribute to the transformation of the UAE economy. In addition, students will be equipped with capabilities for success in a variety of careers in private and public sector organisations.”

Students will learn to be effective organisational and global leaders

Dean of Social Science at NYU Abu Dhabi Paula England added: “The world is changing fast, and we are excited to provide a programme that will help equip the next generation of global leaders with more social awareness to add to the traditional core business competencies. This includes using data to drive decision-making and the ability to think creatively beyond their own perspectives, enabling them to positively impact the way businesses and organisations operate within society. With these attributes, students will be well prepared to lead and thrive in business organisations.” 

Read more about the Business, Organisations and Society major visit www.nyuad.nyu.edu/en/academics/undergraduate/majors-and-minors/business-organizations-and-society-major.html For more information on admissions, please visit www.nyuad.nyu.edu/en/admissions/undergraduate/entry-requirements/apply-for-admission.html