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More than 230 projects submitted for the Ministry of Education’s Entrepreneurship Challenge

by Belinda Breeze

The Ministry of Education (MoE) announced that Emirati university students and graduates submitted more than 230 pioneering ideas and projects to the ‘Entrepreneurship Challenge’, which was launched by the Ministry in February. Approximately, 2,500 students registered via the platform in less than two months. The Challenge falls under the umbrella of the ‘Projects of the 50’ programmes and initiatives.

More than 2,500 students registered via the initiative’s platform

Hamad Alaidarous, Section Head of Scientific and Technical Skills, Advanced Future Skills Department at the MoE, highlighted that since its inception, the Entrepreneurship Challenge has garnered significant interest and response from young Emirati graduates and university students. Within two months, it attracted a diverse group of youth who were willing to transform their innovative ideas into competitive entrepreneurial projects, while encouraging existing entrepreneurs to grow their projects into new markets.

Alaidarous added: “Participation in this initiative was diverse across all levels. Approximately 55% of the total participants were male entrepreneurs, while 45% were female. The projects were submitted by national students and graduates from all emirates of the country, representing 18 economic, social, and scientific sectors; foremost of which were Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), education, retail, and healthcare. This diversity reiterates that our youth’s entrepreneurship mindset is not confined to one sector but is creative, innovative, and can be nurtured to drive success.”

Nine roadshows were organised for universities to provide details about the initiative

To spread awareness about the Entrepreneurship Challenge, its goals, and how students can participate, the MoE organised nine roadshows for university students and graduates throughout March and April, with students from across the UAE participating. These workshops featured interactive competitions for students to enhance their entrepreneurial knowledge and abilities. Additionally, presentations were delivered by accomplished young national entrepreneurs, offering insights and experiences to colleagues aspiring to launch their own projects.

After the registration period concludes, applications will undergo multi-stage evaluation by expert committees. Initial assessments will narrow down submissions to include qualifying applications, followed by interviews to further refine the selection to about 30 projects; finalists will engage in a three-day entrepreneurship training camp to be prepared to pitch their projects to the final judging panel.

Following the evaluation process, finalists in the Entrepreneurship Challenge will be announced by June

Finalists in the Entrepreneurship Challenge will be announced by June and will have the opportunity to win up to AED 2 million worth of prizes that will be distributed among 12 Emirati winners.

The Entrepreneurship Challenge is the first initiative of the Graduate Fund, powered by the MoE. Launched to bolster the entrepreneurial landscape, the Challenge aims to foster initiative, innovation, and competitiveness among youth, empowering them to realise their ambitions