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Liwa College Unveils Open Week Showcasing Abundant Opportunities for Future Success

by Belinda Breeze

Liwa College proudly announces the commencement of its highly anticipated open week, operating under the inspirational banner “Success begins with opportunities.” With a strong commitment to its mission and objectives, Liwa College invites students to explore its diverse range of academic programmes that seamlessly align with the dynamic demands of the job market and the visionary goals of the next fifty agenda. The immersive induction programme planned during the open week commenced on August 24, offering an array of exciting prospects for students, including a comprehensive scholarship portfolio and an exclusive waiver of registration fees for the upcoming academic year of 2023/2024.

Distinguished by its two campuses in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, Liwa College regards the open week induction programme as an invaluable gateway for prospective students to acquaint themselves with the academic offerings and majors available for the academic year 2023/2024. This immersive experience extends to understanding the enriching educational ecosystem that fosters creativity, leadership, student diversity, and distinguished faculty members. The college prides itself on its state-of-the-art applied study laboratories, meticulously crafted practical training schemes, and a clear roadmap to post-graduation career pathways. These elements collectively enhance a student’s journey throughout their undergraduate tenure.

The immersive induction programme offers an array of exciting prospects for students

Liwa College stands out for its comprehensive selection of 25 specialised academic programmes spanning various domains, encompassing engineering, health sciences, administrative disciplines, media, information technology, and more. Its dedication to upholding the highest global benchmarks is underscored by an advanced infrastructure featuring 35 cutting-edge applied laboratories. An exceptional assembly of over 100 faculty members, drawn from esteemed international institutions, underpins the college’s academic prowess, bolstering its reputation and contributing substantially to the academic landscape of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the nation at large.

Central to the open week events is the unveiling of Liwa College’s robust scholarship offerings, embracing seven distinctive categories of scholarships tailored to students’ diverse aspirations. These include the prestigious Chairman of the Board of Trustees Scholarship, catering to students with an exceptional high school GPA of 97 or above who fulfil the scholarship’s criteria. The college also extends the Scholarship for Academic Excellence, celebrating high-achieving students with an impressive high school average ranging from 80% to 95%.

Liwa College stands out for its comprehensive selection of 25 specialised academic programmes spanning various domains

Additionally, recognition awaits those who have demonstrated remarkable academic excellence during their tenure at the college and have merited inclusion in the honour rolls of outstanding students. A special grant is dedicated to the first-line healthcare defenders and their families, emphasising Liwa College’s commitment to societal welfare. Moreover, scholarships encompass family members of enrolled students, individuals with determination, and strategic partnership grants, a testament to the college’s dedication to fostering collaboration with the government and private sectors.

The open week is a testament to Liwa College’s unwavering commitment to nurturing success through fostering opportunities. Prospective students are invited to immerse themselves in the diverse world of academic excellence and prospects that Liwa College envisions.

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