by Belinda Breeze

Fatma Belrehif, CEO of the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau

We are committed to improving the quality of education provided at all education institutions in Dubai, including early childhood centres, schools and universities. We are currently working with our partners in the community to implement a differentiated quality assurance mechanism for early childhood centres to give parents the information they need to make more confident decisions about their children’s learning and care. 

In general, how do school inspections contribute to overall educational quality and student success in Dubai?

In Dubai’s private school sector, where parents choose their children’s education, school inspections play a crucial role. The inspection reports empower parents with insights into each school’s quality, aiding informed decisions. Additionally, inspections introduce a language of quality, enabling targeted improvements in specific areas, fostering collaboration and elevating overall education standards, positively impacting student success.

How do school inspections promote accountability and transparency in the education system?

  • Annual publication of detailed and parent-friendly inspection reports on the KHDA website holds schools accountable to parents. This transparency allows parents to make informed decisions based on the quality of education provided.
  • Online publication of results enables schools to compare their performance with peers, fostering healthy competition. This benchmarking encourages continuous improvement, contributing to an elevated standard of education across our private schools in Dubai.

What measures are in place to ensure that the recommendations made during inspections are actually implemented and lead to improvements?

To apply inspection recommendations and drive improvement, schools complete self-evaluation reports annually. These reports explicitly demonstrate how insights from the most recent inspection have been addressed. Inspectors report on the school’s self-evaluation as part of the inspection process and it contributes significantly to determining the school’s overall performance rating.