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Jumeirah International Nurseries Champions Women and Families with WOWpreneur Event

by Belinda Breeze

Reinforcing Fortes Education’s Commitment to Empowerment

In a heartfelt celebration that beautifully intertwined the essence of womanhood and the joys of family, Jumeirah International Nurseries (JINS), part of the esteemed Fortes Education portfolio, hosted the memorable WOWpreneur Market at JINS Downtown. Held on March 8th, in alignment with International Women’s Day and as a precursor to Mother’s Day festivities, this event showcased the collective spirit of empowerment, entrepreneurship, and familial bonds.

At JINS Downtown, the WOWpreneur Market unfolded as a dynamic celebration, drawing together over 100 attendees — passionate mums, encouraging dads, and enthusiastic children — in a powerful homage to women’s dual role as nurturers and pioneers. The event spotlighted 14 women entrepreneurs, each presenting an array of compelling offerings, from enriching lifestyle products and insightful literature to gourmet delights, innovative beauty solutions, and captivating entertainment, showcasing women’s indomitable spirit and creativity.

Esteemed figures from Fortes Education, namely, Mrs Shakuntala Mankani, the founder; Katrina Mankani, the Managing Director; and Samina Khanyari, the Group General Manager, graced the event with their presence. Their participation underscored the deep-seated belief in nurturing and empowering women to lead and inspire.

Mrs. Shakuntala Mankani shared her insights and said, “WOWpreneur is more than an event; it’s a movement. It’s about recognising the incredible capacity of women to lead, create, and nurture. Today, we celebrate not just women’s entrepreneurial spirit but also motherhood’s profound impact in shaping our future.”

In a special touch, the event also featured activities thoughtfully designed for children to foster a deeper connection between them and their mothers through shared experiences highlighting women’s contributions across various fields.

As International Women’s Day unfolded at JINS Downtown, it was clear that the WOWpreneur Market was more than just an event—it was a symbol of the collective aspiration for a future led by strong, nurturing, and successful women.
JINS Downtown and Fortes Education remain steadfast in their commitment to events like the WOWpreneur Market, which not only honour women’s significant achievements but also foster the growth and empowerment of future generations.