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Hummingbird Nursery and Behaviour DANAT to Revolutionise Early Childhood Education

by Belinda Breeze

In a momentous collaboration, Hummingbird Nursery and Behaviour DANAT have joined forces to redefine early childhood education standards. This strategic alliance brings together two industry leaders, combining their expertise to establish an unparalleled learning environment for young minds

Hummingbird and Behaviour DANAT are set to elevate early childhood education standards. This partnership represents a commitment to providing a dynamic and advanced educational experience that sets a new benchmark for excellence.

Focusing on a holistic approach to development, the collaboration integrates innovative educational practices with cutting-edge behavioural methodologies. This ensures that every child receives a well-rounded learning experience, fostering not only academic growth but also personal development.

As a part of their commitment to accessibility, parents can now unlock exclusive offers by participating in the ‘DANAT Points’ program. This initiative empowers parents to actively contribute to their child’s educational journey. By participating in the program, parents earn valuable points through various engagements, creating a symbiotic relationship between home and school. These accrued points serve as a gateway to an array of exclusive offers, discounts, and special privileges, extending beyond conventional educational incentives.

The ‘DANAT Points’ program not only recognises and rewards parental involvement but also strengthens the sense of community within the learning environment. It embodies a commitment to making premium early childhood education an inclusive and collaborative endeavour, ensuring that every family, regardless of financial considerations, can partake in the transformative educational experience provided by Hummingbird Nursery.

Jodie Taylor, Manager of the newest branch of Hummingbird Nursery in the DAFZ, expressed her enthusiastic anticipation about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration with Behaviour DANAT signifies a significant step towards shaping the future of early childhood education. It is not merely an alliance between institutions; it is a convergence of cutting-edge educational practices with a nationally acclaimed programme that studies behavioural science. Together, we are not just offering a curriculum; we are crafting an environment that goes beyond conventional learning. We are prioritising the holistic development of each child in our care—nurturing their intellectual curiosity, emotional intelligence, and social skills. Our aim is to empower them with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-evolving world.”

This partnership not only marks an important milestone for both organisations but also signals a transformative era in early childhood education. Behaviour DANAT and Hummingbird Nursery, strategically situated in DIFC and DAFZ Dubai, along with Al Reem Island Abu Dhabi, extend an invitation to the community, parents, and education professionals to join the journey of innovation and excellence in early childhood education.

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