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High School Graduates can Chart a Successful Future with Dubai College of Tourism

by Eddie Rayner

With admissions open for the September 2022 intake at Dubai College of Tourism (DCT), part of Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET), students seeking to pursue higher education are encouraged to explore vocational opportunities and hands-on learning experiences beyond the classroom to develop successful careers within the tourism and hospitality industry.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, global travel and tourism employment is expected to grow in 2022 by 3.5%, comprising 9.1% of the total global job market, a figure which is set to increase further in 2023 and beyond. As the tourism industry rebounds, now marks a crucial time for high school students who are carefully considering their prospects and planning a roadmap for a successful career.

DCT runs the first-of-its-kind multi-disciplinary educational platform in the region to create a dynamic and forward-thinking workforce of exceptional talent who will be at the forefront of the future tourism workforce in the UAE and the wider MENA region. Providing students with vocational training in tourism, retail business, culinary arts, hospitality, and events, DCT helps to foster the talent pool within the emirate and encourage young Emiratis and expatriates to take up suitable careers within the tourism industry.

To leverage opportunities within the growing tourism and hospitality sector, DCT is urging young people at this significant point in their lives to explore vocational education and training to be able to successfully position themselves for gainful employment in the tourism ecosystem.

DCT provides vocational education experience within the classroom and beyond

Essa bin Hadher, General Manager of DCT, commented: “In a few months, high school leavers across Dubai will be focused on taking the next steps towards their future careers but selecting a suitable field can pose a dilemma, especially for those students who do not prefer to follow a conventional education. Dubai College of Tourism is able to support these students with alternative options for career success. The College provides talented candidates with a comprehensive programme of vocational education, laying the groundwork for talented Emiratis and expatriate residents in the UAE to join the city’s rapidly evolving tourist-facing workforce, in line with the goal of our visionary leadership to position Dubai as a global hub for business, tourism and events. A career in tourism and hospitality is hugely rewarding, and students at our College can benefit from interactive, practical learning, enabling them to really understand the industry and the opportunities that lie within it.  With this in mind, we encourage students to consider vocational courses at the Dubai College of Tourism. With our student-focused, inclusive and innovative programmes, we hope to inspire and nurture the next generation of industry professionals.”

DCT is unique in that not only do the courses offer in-depth knowledge of each select subject, but also practical experience

DCT is unique in that not only do the courses offer in-depth knowledge of each select subject, but also practical experience and exposure to the respective sector of the tourism ecosystem through hands-on internships, enriching volunteering work and exciting, interactive field trips. In addition to the immersive experiences given across each course, students will also be offered the opportunity to attend lectures from leaders in their given field, giving a thought-provoking and valuable insight into their vocation.

The College’s location at One Central Building, Dubai World Trade Centre means that students will be studying right in the heart of Dubai, close to iconic Dubai landmarks including the Museum of the Future. Being located at the epicentre of one of the world’s leading tourist destinations allows for ample and engaging space for focused training in the field. The diversified course offerings begin at the certificate level and allow students to progress into different diplomas and are internationally recognised.

In recent years, students at DCT have undertaken internships at some of the world’s most respected tourism and hospitality brands including Emirates Airline, Jumeirah Group, Hilton Hotels, The Ritz-Carlton, and more. Moreover, students have engaged in exciting volunteering opportunities including Dubai Fitness Challenge, Arab Fashion Week, Dubai Food Festival, F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Gulf Food and Expo Culinare. DCT students have also been able to gain insider knowledge with guest lecturers including Chef Gregoire from The Atlantis, celebrated events professional Dan Bolton and local personality and entrepreneur, DJ Bliss. The aforementioned field trips for students at the College have included famed hotel groups including Accor, Atlantis, Hilton and Mandarin Oriental to name a few, as well as Expo 2020 Dubai, the Waterfront Market Dubai, Etihad Museum, Dubai World Trade Centre, and numerous trade shows and malls across the city.

For more information on fees or scholarships, or to register for a course visit: https://www.dct.ac.ae/