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Globally Minded, Inclusive School to Launch in Dubai

by Eddie Rayner

Citizens School, a visionary school at the heart of a new education hub encompassing a teacher training foundation, excellence centre and K-12 school conceived, designed and developed in the UAE by Al Zarooni Emirates Investments, is set to open in September 2022 ready for the new academic year. Designed to present learning through a new lens, the Citizens schooling experience focuses on the whole growth of a learner and is built around each child’s unique requirements, empowering them with choices to explore themes, expand interests and determine the routes that they want to go on to reach their full potential. This is all while equipping them with a rich, connected bank of knowledge and skills relevant for the 21st-century.

Citizens School has partnered with Blenheim Schools, part of the Chatsworth Schools group – one of the leading school groups in the UK– to provide an experience-based, inclusive curriculum bespoke to each child’s strengths and approach to learning unique to Citizens School pupils named the Citizens’ Tapestry.

Using the UK National Curriculum as its standard, the Citizens’ Tapestry is a first-of-its-kind, custom-built curriculum that builds upon the blueprint with six key threads – Mindset; Entrepreneur; Health & Wellbeing; Sustainable Leadership; Global; and Digital Literacy – forming the pattern of its comprehensive, holistic, inclusive, and fun education system. The curriculum has been co-developed and influenced by some of the world’s leading researchers on education, motivation and mindsets, as well as cognitive scientists including Dr Carol Dweck, Matthew Syed and John Hattie, Guy Claxton, and Graham Powell.

Citizens School, a new school established in Dubai, to launch in September 2022

The Citizens’ 43,000m2 school campus, programme and approach have been thoughtfully curated to re-shape learning, enabling students to thrive as citizens of the future, by focusing on wellbeing, imagination, and enabling outstanding outcomes for all young people. The groundbreaking Citizens School site is double the size of other schools in the same catchment area, with a capacity for 2,600 children between ages 3-18; a 2,900m2 open playing and recreation area; ample parking; a 1,250m2 multi-purpose performing arts and activity hall; six lane semi-covered swimming pool and learning pool, football and rugby pitches adhering to FIFA and World Rugby standards; as well as a dedicated dining area for primary school students.

Dr Adil Alzarooni, Founder of Citizens School, explained: “At Citizens School, we are striving to empower our students to craft their own futures by celebrating and nurturing what makes them unique and providing them with choices alongside the right set of life skills to thrive in the communities of tomorrow. We believe in learning rather than educating because learning is a lifelong pursuit that creates limitless possibilities. As a school born out of Dubai and based in the heart of the city, we share its innate spirit, energy, and optimism for what is possible today and tomorrow, as we play our part in positioning Dubai as a global hub of learning excellence in a diversified knowledge economy.”

The groundbreaking Citizens School site is double the size of other schools in the same catchment area

Hisham Hodroge, CEO of Citizens School added: “Dubai is a catalyst for innovation and from Dubai we aim to disrupt the way education is provided in the region by capitalising on a unique offering that centres around the child. Through engagement with our partners, regulators and key stakeholders, we aim to achieve an ambitious school for the benefit of our future generations”.    

“Blenheim Schools is delighted to be partnering with Al Zarooni Emirates Investments to support the launch of the groundbreaking Citizens Education Hub project.  The Blenheim Schools team has a proven track record of outstanding educational leadership with real integrity, a passion for schools as learning communities and a commitment to excellence. Citizens School will nurture and promote the learning and welfare of all students and enable outstanding futures for the children of today and tomorrow,” Anita Gleave, Founder and CEO of Blenheim Schools concluded. The announcement marks the start of an exciting countdown to the groundbreaking, inclusive and innovative Citizens School welcoming its first students later this year. Citizens will share key appointments, partnerships, events, and initiatives very soon.