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Global Indian International School Dubai Announces its Innovation Programme, Qutuhal

by Eddie Rayner

Global Indian International School (GIIS) Dubai is organising the fourth season of Qutuhal. This year, the competition is based on three powerful values: Curiosity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

Qutuhal is an exciting series of workshops and competitions, where students nurture their curiosity, creativity, and ideas to innovate and co-create knowledge. There are nine weekly challenges, each with a different theme.

Qutuhal is a multi-award winner for Quality and Innovation in Education from Dubai Quality Group (DQG), Indian Society for Quality (ISQ), and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to name a few since the year 2019, and are on the fourth season of Qutuhal this year. Last year’s competition saw a participation of 2500 students across 35 schools globally.

Weekly Challenge questions will be posted through the social media channels of GIIS Dubai for all participants. Students should complete the modeling challenge, submit their videos online and add their weekly points through the Qutuhal Rewards portal to claim cash awards during the Grand Finale.

A unique and carefully crafted programme for encouraging inquisitiveness in young minds

With a panel of judges who are pioneers in their respective fields and events held over a wide variety of engaging themes, this competition is an excellent platform and acts as a stepping stone for children to grow.

Antony Koshy, Principal at Global Indian International School, Dubai, stated: “We are delighted to be hosting the fourth edition of Qutuhal. The event is in line with our philosophy of providing a well-rounded education that helps our students develop into independent thinkers and lifelong learners. I am confident that this year’s edition will be exciting and enriching for our students with a carefully designed workshop line-up.”

With categories like Wonders of Science, Coding, AI Robotics, Wellbeing, Maths in real life, Space Exploration, Sustainability, Digital Media, and Photography, there’s something for everyone! The two-month-long programme has been carefully designed to help children innovate, create, solve and explore through the following topics:

  • Wonders of Science: To help children explore the world around them and learn about different scientific concepts
  • Coding: To help students enhance their coding skills
  • AI Robotics: Enabling children to discover how artificial intelligence and robotics are changing the world
  •  Wellbeing: Enabling students to follow a healthy lifestyle and balance school life stress and anxiety to learn and live gracefully
  • Maths in Real Life: To show students how they can use maths in their everyday life, from solving problems to managing finances
  • Space Exploration: A workshop to learn about the universe and our place in it along with exploring different technologies used in space travel

·     Sustainability: A module to teach children how they can make a difference in protecting Earth and its resources

·     Digital Media and Photography: To help children discover how digital media and photography can be used to tell stories and capture moments

·     Business and Finance: To introduce students to the world of business and finance and help them learn about different money management strategies

The two-month-long programme has been carefully designed to help children innovate, create, solve and explore

“Qutuhal is a great platform that allows students to explore their creativity, and imagination and develop new skills required for innovation and entrepreneurship. It also helps them understand the concepts they learn in class through real-world applications. I am excited to see what students across the UAE come up with this year,” Siju Philip, Head of Innovation at Global Indian International School, Dubai, said.

This year’s Qutuhal programme will entail immersive virtual experiences and challenges culminating through a Grand Finale. In this edition of Qutuhal, Leadership Lecture Series are organised where students will be participating in interactive sessions with prominent personalities.

Register your child for Qutuhal now and help them start their journey of discovery.