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Fun-Filled Summer Camps at Aventura Parks

by Eddie Rayner

What better way to keep your children entertained and occupied during the summer than with a healthy and active camp experience. Aventura Parks summer camp has got you covered with a plethora of hands-on activities for your little ones from 4 July – 26 August 2022. Beat the monotonous routine and let your kids run wild and free in the heart of nature.

Located in 35,000m2 of natural ghaf tree forest in Mushrif Park, Aventura Parks summer camp offers fun-filled activities to engage kids both physically and mentally in a fun and safe environment. Activities include ziplining, arts and science, team building, animal care and nature survival skills. Fully supervised by Aventura’s skilled coaches and camp coordinators, Aventura Parks provides unique one-of-a-kind indoor and outdoor spaces rooted in nature that encourage little ones to explore, learn and reconnect with the natural world. Aventura’s camps help kids improve their social skills as well as independence and autonomy.

Located in 35,000m2 of natural ghaf tree forest in Mushrif Park

Here are some of the activities that children can experience during their camp at Aventura:

Arts and Science: Get those creative juices flowing with recreational arts and crafts and hands-on science experiments.  

Team Building: Kids can get to know one another with fun icebreakers and create new bonds with fellow campers.

Ziplining: Aventura’s adventure park provides a one-of-a-kind environment rooted in nature that encourages climbers to play, explore, learn and fly through the beautiful ghaf tree forest. 

Animal Care: Campers will get the opportunity to interact with Aventura’s friendly pets whilst learning from engaging nature-based educational activities.

Challenges and Games: Campers will learn about sportsmanship, setting goals, meeting challenges, teamwork and the value of practice. Children can sharpen their basic physical skills such as jumping, throwing, kicking and catching. 

Campers will get the opportunity to interact with Aventura’s friendly pets

You can select between daily and weekly summer camps – morning, afternoon or a full day with prices starting from AED 180 per child all-inclusive of snacks, unlimited water, and a gate-free entry to Mushrif Park, Dubai. Each child goes home with a certificate of participation. 

For bookings or inquiries, please call 052 624 5007 or email [email protected].

For other corporate packages, more information on the park offers and tickets, or to make a booking please visit www.aventuraparks.com or keep up with them on social @aventuraparks.