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Four Wildlife Mascots Arrive at The Green Planet Dubai

by Leah

Four friendly wildlife protectors from different parts of the world are joining forces at the Green Planet Dubai this March. 

On a mission to save the planet, the group of life-like animals, including a playful polar bear named Theodore from the frozen Arctic, Muffin, a laid-back but strong panda from the tropical rainforests of Asia, Mojo, a gorilla from the African jungles, and Bob, an easy-going sloth from the South American tropics, are becoming the tropical rainforest’s official mascots as they spread awareness of the importance of preserving the planet.

A polar bear, panda, gorilla and sloth are the Green Planet’s official environmental heroe

Sara Stevens, Head of Operations and Curator at The Green Planet, said: “We are excited for our guests to meet the ‘Friends of The Green Planet’, the official ambassadors of the bio-dome. The addition of the mascots is in line with our mission to spread awareness and understanding of the importance of wildlife preservation and ecological sustainability in the region.”

The ‘Friends of The Green Planet’ will be at the bio-dome daily for special meet-and-greets and photo opportunities with guests from Monday to Friday at 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm, as well as weekends at 12.00 pm, 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm. ‘The Friends of The Green Planet’ will also add some extra fun to birthday parties in the tropical rainforest. 

The mascots aim to educate and drive awareness of ecological sustainability

In addition to hanging around at the bio-dome, the environmental heroes will be touring schools, hospitals and other locations to educate guests about the important role the tropical forest plays in the future of Earth.

The Green Planet offers a wide range of activities and animal encounters for guests of all ages, including tropical birds, sloths and reptiles, along with the anteater! Guests can also experience an adventure of a lifetime and become ‘Zookeeper For the Day’ in an exclusive programme where they will be escorted by an expert team to venture behind the scenes, visit the laboratories, and understand how to nurture some of the most incredible and endangered species on the planet.

The life-like animals are available for special meet-and-greets and photos at the bio-dome

Ticket prices to The Green Planet start from AED 125 per person. The special meet-and-greets and photo opportunities are included in the general and VIP admission Pass.