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Fitness: Your Best Investment

by Belinda Breeze

As we enter a new school year, three-time Olympian and founder of ROAR Fitness, Sarah Lindsay, offers five ways to navigate creating a bulletproof wellness routine that UAE families can incorporate into their busy schedules.


The importance of a healthy and active lifestyle cannot be underestimated. From babies to adulthood, the benefits of eating properly combined with regular daily movement have a significant impact on all areas of life. Healthy habits start at home, so introducing small positive habits at a young age tends to be easily adapted and revisited in the teenage years. Children naturally look up to adults and mirror what they see. Projecting the concept of overall wellness provides the opportunity for younger family members to see that healthy lifestyle factors in a range of steps create the foundations for a happy and healthy body.

Blue light keeps your brain active and prevents you from being able to settle easily into a restful sleep


Living in a climate of year-round sunshine has numerous benefits for encouraging children to move away from screen time and seek more rewarding outdoor activities. Everything from beach walks to bike riding not only increases the heart rate but also provides the opportunity and space for all-important family bonding time. Incorporating movement in a fun way makes it a natural part of regular weekend activities.


The importance of good-quality sleep plays an important role in the functioning of a healthy body. Not getting enough sleep can lead to high blood pressure, obesity, and even depression. Creating a constant bedtime routine for all the family ensures children are getting adequate rest, which contributes to improved attention, memory, and overall mental health.

Incorporating movement in a fun way makes it a natural part of the regular weekend activities


Screentime has its place in the daily family routine, but it’s something that needs to be monitored to avoid overuse, especially close to bedtime, as all tech devices with screens produce something called blue light. Blue light keeps your brain active and prevents you from being able to settle easily into a restful sleep. Incorporating house rules and switching off devices 90 minutes prior to sleep will greatly enhance your ability to enjoy a well-rested slumber.

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