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Environmental anxiety in children

by Eddie Rayner

Environmental anxiety is affecting our pupils’ mental health.

Luckily, there are many ways to address environmental anxiety in children. And, some schools are leading the charge on this by using Wall Art to give information and advice to students.

Knowledge is power!

If young people understand the issues and know how they can make a difference, they’ll feel less afraid and more empowered to take action.

Environmental anxiety in children

A recent survey of child psychiatrists in England showed that more than half are seeing children and young people distressed about the climate crisis. Alongside anxiety from the Covid-19 pandemic, our children are facing unprecedented uncertainty and stress.

But all is not lost. In fact, many schools are making wellbeing their utmost priority, and taking steps to help pupils manage environmental anxiety.

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Visual support

One of the ways in which schools are helping pupils manage environmental anxiety is through visual Wall Art.

For example, many schools have approached us recently and requested ‘environmental awareness Wall Art’.

This type of Wall Art provides simple information about environmental issues in a way that pupils can understand. It’s designed to give advice about tangible action children can take – so they feel more in control and less fearful.

We typically include information like;

  • The importance of the natural world and sustainability
  • What is a carbon footprint and why does it matter?
  • How to understand climate change using straightforward (but not scary!) terms
  • Simple changes you can make to become more sustainable
  • The strength of community and the fact that small changes DO make a difference!
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Real impact

We’ve had feedback from schools we’ve worked with that environmental awareness Wall Art has a positive impact on pupils.

It creates a sense of understanding in a complicated world. And can reduce fear by giving pupils the confidence to make changes and influence those around them to follow suit.

The reality is that sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. And, while we can’t change everything, we can all change something!

Find out more

Get in touch to find out more about environmental awareness Wall Art for your school.

We’re happy to visit your school, free of charge and Covid-safe, to discuss your goals. From there, we’ll guide you through the design process. Finally, we’ll print and install your Wall Art.

Check out our case studies to see some recently completed projects. A few recent projects focusing on environmental awareness include;