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Dubai: Parents can now use app to book school rides for children

by Belinda Breeze

The ‘School Rides’ option on Careem is a new service that will take children to and from school. And, because their package fees aren’t subject to peak pricing, they remain fixed regardless of demand, which means up to 40% savings compared to regular bookings.

The new service was recently launched by popular service, Careem, in partnership with Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA). Currently the option is only available across Dubai. Additional features are set to be added to the product too, including the option to book roundtrips for customers who prefer having an adult to accompany children, as well as the option to book recurring rides for the same time every day.

There will be added flexibility around work schedules, holidays and weekends, with parents having the ability to book customised packages of 40 rides which remains valid for three months. There will also be the option to select from a number of premium cars including Toyota, Infinity and Lexus.

New Careem ride option allows parents to book a car to take their children to and from school

“Package fees are not subject to peak pricing and remain fixed regardless of demand, allowing customers to save up to 40 per cent on rides compared to regular bookings,” noted Careem, adding: “Customers can also choose a carpool option for their children with up to four other passengers going to the same destination, provided they are in the same pickup vicinity.”

“Careem’s Captains are subject to thorough security and background checks, and are specifically trained to ensure and maintain children’s safety during each school ride. Parents can also track each trip in real time through the app’s live tracking feature, and are notified once the trip is complete and their child is safely dropped off at school,” the company said in a statement sent to Khaleej Times on Wednesday.

Careem partnered with RTA to offer this new service with lots of additional features

Antonio Alasmar, GM of Careem in the GCC, said: “Careem’s new ‘School Rides’ option provides parents in Dubai with a convenient, safe, and affordable school transportation option. Our purpose is to simplify people’s lives.”

Adel Mohammed Shakri, RTA director of planning and business development department, added: “RTA is keen to serve the needs of the parents in Dubai by providing them exceptional services, and at the same time enhancing the integration of RTA’s multi-modal transport by offering several school transport solutions.”

Booking a ride is easy! Riders can download the latest version of the Careem app below, and then just select the ‘School Ride’ car type.