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Dubai Municipality carries out more than 350 inspections at school canteens to ensure food safety

by Belinda Breeze

Dubai Municipality conducted over 350 field inspections in canteens of public and private educational institutions across Dubai to validate their compliance with the food safety standards of the Emirate and ensure they follow all precautions and health standards. The move comes in line with the Municipality’s commitment to guarantee the highest food safety levels in educational institutions, thus improving the health, safety, and quality of life for students.

Food safety and hygiene

The periodical inspection campaigns conducted in school canteens aim to ensure observance of food safety standards and store food in ideal conditions. In addition, the Municipality also inspects that the preparation and preservation of food are done at appropriate temperatures and that vegetables and fruits are thoroughly cleaned before being placed in boxes. The inspections are also focused on evaluating canteens for their compliance with health requirements, promoting the highest standards of personal and public hygiene across educational institutions. It granted permits for supplying food, verified the school’s commitment to adhering to the food manual, and selling approved food items to ensure that students get safe and nutritious food.

The periodical campaign aims to guarantee a nutritious and safe diet that ensures the best quality of life for students

Furthermore, the campaign seeks to ensure that workers are instructed on the standards and conditions of safety and hygiene to guarantee excellent public health and food safety for students.

Dubai Municipality’s efforts to ensure food safety

In line with its annual initiative, ‘Our schools are healthy and safe’, Dubai Municipality carried out inspections in over 500 educational and commercial institutions across Dubai focusing on the trade of school supplies. Under the initiative, the Municipality has been preparing for the new academic year 2023-2024 and has made efforts to implement campaigns at regular intervals to ensure the highest level of safety and public health standards in educational institutions across Dubai.

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