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Dibber Preschools: A Scandinavian Oasis for Early Learners in the UAE

by Belinda Breeze

The Scandinavian education system is widely recognised as one of the finest, emphasising holistic development by balancing academic achievement, physical growth, and the acquisition of essential life skills.

Research indicates that children who follow the Nordic curriculum develop a sense of mastery and autonomy. This approach fosters their curiosity, passion for learning, and respect for all living beings. Dibber’s Nordic heritage represents its most compelling attribute; It provides a Norwegian curriculum with global applicability, which can be readily adapted to diverse international contexts.

The Dibber Pedagogy – A Unique Blend of Joyful Exploration and Real-Life Skills Education

The “Intrinsic Value” of children and the importance of a joyful childhood are central to the Dibber philosophy. The organisation prides itself on creating a nurturing environment that addresses children’s needs for care, play, friendships, and a sense of community, while simultaneously promoting skill development and learning. Children are regarded as unique individuals with the right to participate in and influence their own lives confidently.

Achieving Balance” in all aspects is deemed essential with success measured by happiness and overall satisfaction with oneself and society—a principle gradually gaining global recognition. Dibber provides learning experiences that engage children’s minds, bodies, senses, and emotions through social interactions. This approach creates opportunities for young minds to learn in a flexible, stimulating, and adaptable physical environment, fostering their growth and development.

Dibber offers children “an immersive experience in Nature,” fostering their curiosity and connection to the environment. The children have abundant opportunities to explore; from observing insects in their natural habitats, to visiting the animal sanctuary, to planting and witnessing plant life cycles. This hands-on engagement with Nature enhances their understanding of caring for our environment and promotes physical activity, creativity, and problem-solving skills. The sustainable practices and love for nature embedded in the Dibber ethos come to life and instil a sense of environmental responsibility in the children.

At Dibber International Preschools, the principle of “Relations First” is paramount, emphasising the importance of building connections and valuing others at the core of their philosophy. This belief extends from the children in their schools to the employees within their global network, united in the conviction that everyone deserves the opportunity to recognise their intrinsic value and flourish.

Dibber’s International Preschools in the UAE
Previously known as Creakids in the UAE, Dibber now operates four centres in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi. According to their systematic guidelines for unit establishment, each facility provides ample outdoor space, ensuring that children have the opportunity to spend time in Nature, which is foremost in the Nordic way of learning as it is crucial for their growth and well-being.
Headquartered in Norway, Dibber is the largest educational company in Northern Europe. With operations in Europe, MENA+, Asia, and South Africa, and continuing to grow, Dibber provides a truly global learning experience.

Locations in Dubai
  1. Al Barsha South
    Situated in a sought-after area, this Dibber unit provides parents with the convenience of enrolling their children in a preschool located in a prime spot. Children have the privilege of enjoying unlimited access to Al Barsha South Park located just behind the premises. Most Dibber International Preschools and Nurseries are strategically placed near parks, playgrounds, and other open areas to seamlessly integrate indoor-outdoor learning into a child’s daily routine. The presence of this playground in close proximity allows children to develop a passion for outdoor activities and exploration within a secure and nurturing environment.
  2. Damac Hills Mudon
    Located in the picturesque landscape of Damac Hills, this nursery features a covered outdoor area that offers a seamless transition for children from indoor education to outdoor discovery. This enables them to fully enjoy both spaces while ensuring their safety. The outdoor space is thoughtfully designed to cater to children’s curiosity while prioritizing their well-being. Additionally, the Damac Hills Park, just a short 5-minute drive away, offers a perfect backdrop for nature exploration and fun recreational activities.
  3. The Sustainable City
    This expansive facility comprises two distinct building complexes: ‘The Sustainable Pavilion’ and ‘The Sustainable City.’ The setup provides children with a spacious and interactive indoor environment that caters to their need for physical activity and exploration. Younger children begin their journeys at the Sustainable Pavilion and transition to the other building as they progress to higher grades. The addition of the Sustainable City location to Dibber’s portfolio of units in the UAE has been a source of pride, offering a hands-on experience in sustainable living. Children are fully immersed in this eco-conscious sanctuary with a range of outdoor activities available within close proximity to the facility. From observing a buzzing beehive from a safe distance to engaging in gardening activities in a designated area, and even having gentle interactions with horses at the equestrian club, the array of unique experiences is truly endless.
  4. Jumeirah Golf Estates
    The Jumeirah Golf Estates (JGE) unit has established a benchmark for exceptional early childhood education, serving as a gateway to a realm of awe-inspiring natural wonders and exciting discoveries. This facility offers unparalleled chances for children to engage with nature, surrounded by abundant greenery and serene lakes. Observing birds gracefully glide through the sky has become a beloved pastime for the children in this establishment. The versatile indoor-outdoor area has been carefully designed to align with Dibber’s curriculum, ensuring it caters to the children’s desire for exploration, imagination, and physical engagement.

Locations in Abu Dhabi
  1. Khalifa City A
    The first nursery in Khalifa City A is the inaugural unit of Dibber in Abu Dhabi. Positioned strategically in close proximity to major residential zones, this unit provides convenient access for parents. Featuring a spacious indoor gymnasium, it reflects Dibber’s dedication to facilitating children’s physical involvement and enhancing their gross motor skills. The ample outdoor space is specifically crafted to encourage children to participate in running, playing, and hands-on activities, nurturing their inquisitiveness, imagination, and enduring fondness for the natural environment.

Ready to Experience the Dibber Magic?
At Dibber, their teaching staff are not merely enthusiastic instructors; they are experts dedicated to fostering a love for learning and a compassion for the environment, aiming to help shape a generation of considerate, understanding, and intelligent members of society. Dibber children absorb this ethos through daily activities at their preschools. These are the core values that underpin their teaching excellence.

If you are looking to give your child a global preschool experience in a nurturing environment, check out Dibber International Preschools & Nurseries!

They are now open for admissions for the academic year 2024-2025.

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