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CUD environmental programme becomes first in the Middle East to receive ECO Canada accreditation

by Belinda Breeze

Renowned international sector organization endorses B.Sc. in Public Health-Environmental Health Management

Canadian University Dubai (CUD) has become the first university in the Middle East to achieve accreditation for its Bachelor of Science in Public Health – Environmental Health Management program, from the esteemed sector body, Environmental Careers Organisation of Canada (ECO Canada). Following a thorough assessment, the programme has proved to meet the international standard of excellence in environmental practice, aligning with the evolving demands of the global environmental workforce.

ECO Canada is an internationally recognised, independent steward for the Canadian environmental workforce across a diverse range of industries. Striving to advocate for sustainable economic growth, the organisation has a primary focus on environmental care. For more than three decades, ECO Canada has collaborated with academia, industry, and the government, accrediting post-secondary environmental programmes at many of the premier universities across Canada. The accreditation process endorses global programmes that are committed to delivering high-quality education, accountability, and public trust.

Dr. Aseel Takshe, Head of CUD’s Department of Public Health, commented “It is recognition like this that sets Canadian University Dubai apart in its academic offering. We are honoured by this endorsement, which demonstrates that the Environmental Health Management programme meets the rigorous employability standards that ECO Canada expects from the programs they accredit.”

Speaking about the accreditation, Dr. Yogendra Chaudhry, Vice President of ECO Canada said, “As the only ECO Canada accredited environmental programme in the Middle East, the Canadian University Dubai B.Sc. in Environmental Health Management meets the requirements of International Standards and aligns well with the Environmental Occupational Standards and industry requirements. During the accreditation review, we felt the programme outcomes are consistent with the labour market needs and the programme does an excellent job in preparing students for meaningful employment in the environmental sector.”

CUD’s Environmental Health Management programme prepares students to meet the technical and professional challenges of careers in the environmental field. Students actively engage with their communities by planning and implementing various environmental projects, and learn methods to analyse, evaluate, and control environmental health issues.

In the context of accelerating urgency for climate action, the degree programme encourages students to advance initiatives that reduce environmental exposures in air, soil, water, and food; to protect the public and provide communities with healthier environments. The ECO Canada accreditation provides CUD students and graduates of the programme with the opportunity to utilise the organisation’s resources to further advance their academic and professional development.

For more information visit https://www.cud.ac.ae/