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Cricket Team Fuels Young Minds and Champions GEMS Winchester School in Greenpower STEM Challenge

by Eddie Rayner

The Desert Vipers, the only T20 cricket team with a full time Sustainability Lead, are pioneering sustainability in sports through integrating sustainability applications in sports stadiums and tournaments. strategic partnerships and educational initiatives. Owned by Avram Glazer and competing in the DP World ILT20, the Vipers are setting a benchmark in integrating sustainable education within school communities.

This comprehensive approach includes collaboration with GEMS Winchester School, including the launch of the Desert Vipers Sustainable Schools Programme that emphasises sustainability in sports. The partnership extends to hosting the athletes of determination academy, Heroes of Hope, and conducting educational sessions for Winchester students on sustainability, led by the Vipers’ Sustainability Lead, Ben Hardy-Jones.

A noteworthy highlight of this collaboration is the sponsorship of the Winchester car in the upcoming Greenpower STEM Education final on Saturday, 4th May, 4-9pm, at Karting Town, Sharjah.

The Greenpower Programme engages students in building and racing electric race cars, providing hands-on experience in science, engineering, and environmental stewardship over a 12-week project period. This initiative not only fosters an understanding of renewable technologies but also highlights teamwork and innovation among students from around the globe.

“We are committed to not just playing cricket but playing a pivotal role in fostering a sustainable future. By integrating these practices into every aspect of our operations and extending them into the community through educational programs, we aim to inspire a new generation to carry forward the mantle of environmental responsibility.” Comments Jack Luffman, Community Engagement Manager.

Speaking on behalf of GEMS Winchester School Dubai, Fatima Aamir – Cirectro of Systems and Processes & Cluster Education Innovation Lead, said: “Partnering with the Desert Vipers has provided our students with an unparalleled opportunity to merge their passion for sports with real-world applications of sustainability. This initiative helps cultivate an environmentally conscious mindset among students while encouraging them to explore science and engineering fields through practical, engaging activities.”

The Desert Vipers are proud to be at the forefront of this transformative movement, demonstrating the powerful role sports organisations can play in promoting sustainability in education.