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Copperstone Education Opens New Pathways to Affordable Education and Career Opportunities

by Belinda Breeze

Innovation and Accessibility to Transform Education in the Middle East and Africa

Copperstone Education launches an internationally-accredited US high school diploma programme and a guaranteed pathway to a 4-year degree from US colleges and universities. Recognised as a global provider of university and career preparation resources for high school students and young adults, Copperstone is making access to college degrees and real world success more accessible than ever before.

Copperstone harnesses the power of advanced technology and the expertise of talented educators and counsellors. Academic Advisors and Counsellors customise plans for students from all backgrounds. The programme produces graduates who are poised to excel in every facet of life. Copperstone is led by a team of industry leaders in fields ranging from education and technology to organisational leadership.

Flagship Programmes:

  • US University Degree Programme: Multiple pathways to cost-effective, fully accredited college degrees from the US. 
  • Global High School Classroom:  A full time US high school diploma programme for students in grades 6-12.  Managed in partnership with Advantages School International and fully-accredited the programme is recognised by colleges and universities worldwide.
  • Pathways to Real World Career Success: World class career counselling and an extensive career course catalogue enables students to develop practical skills for specific careers.  

About Copperstone Education
“We leverage state-of-the-art technology, and the heart and soul of Copperstone Education is meaningful relationships and measurable results,” said Managing Director and Founder, Jeffrey Smith. Mr. Smith has led successful education organisations in the US and across the GCC region for more than 20 years.

Founded with the vision to open opportunities to real-world success across Africa and the Middle East, Copperstone Education offers a comprehensive online educational platform that delivers a range of fully accredited virtual classes, US-based licensed teachers, and pathways to US high school diplomas, career certificates, and undergraduate degrees.

Copperstone Education has key partnerships with leading organisations in global education, including Advantages Digital Leaning Solutions, The Bedrock Program, EdGuru, Community College of Baltimore City, Acadeum, Alef Education, Alexander Consulting & Training, and University of Maryland Global Campus.