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Bloom World Academy to Launch NEXUS Centre for Post-16 Studies for Grade 11 IB Students in 2024

by Belinda Breeze

Bloom World Academy (BWA) proudly unveils its latest development, The NEXUS Centre for Post-16 studies, set to redefine the pre-university educational experience and will welcome Grade 11 IB students in September 2024. This ground-breaking initiative will ensure that students are fully prepared, not just academically, but also armed with essential life skills, ready for tertiary education and life beyond school.

Unique to BWA, the NEXUS Centre for Post-16 Studies will be housed in a dedicated university-style environment – a split-level expansive open plan learning and study space with mezzanine floor in the heart of the school. It will also feature tutorial rooms, seminar spaces with tiered seating, a student café, open study spaces, silent study pods, a common room area, library, and a counsellor’s office aiming to create an innovative, multi-purpose setting.

With flexible learning hours extending from 8am to 8pm, students will enjoy unrestricted access to resources, fostering an environment conducive to research, study, collaborative learning, mentorships and self-development. The implementation of the flipped learning approach sets the NEXUS Centre for Post-16 studies apart from other offerings and will provide students with course content and materials at the beginning of the year, enabling them to plan and take ownership of their learning. This practical approach enhances engagement, performance and overall learning in the class, aligning with students’ preferences over traditional pedagogy.

Real-world experiences will be seamlessly integrated into the curriculum through relevant work experience programmes and partnerships with businesses, connecting classroom learning to practical applications. Adaptive learning will take centre stage, with courses and programmes tailored to individual student needs, empowering them with control over their learning process and flexibility to pace themselves. The NEXUS Centre for Post-16 studies will go beyond academic excellence by incorporating a future ready life skills programme, which will offer courses in financial management, health and well-being, safety, and essential life skills. In addition, students will also gain practical lessons in decision-making, problem-solving, self-awareness, self-esteem, self-confidence, assertiveness, emotional coping, stress resistance, interpersonal relationships, friendship formation, societal adjustment and more.

The Small Class Sizes at the NEXUS Centre for Post-16 studies will ensure personalised attention, fostering better teacher-student relationships, increased academic achievement, and preparation for higher education.

This holistic and student-centric approach is inclusive of a comprehensive package featuring digital devices such as MacBooks and iPad Pro’s, which will further enhance the learning experience for students making the NEXUS Centre for Post-16 studies a trailblazer in education which will set new standards for excellence not only in the UAE but in the region.

The NEXUS Centre for Post-16 studies will also offer scholarships of up to 100% based on merit and is committed to delivering top-tier education to the local and global community.

As an IBDP/CP candidate* school, BWA will also provide an extensive array of educational pathways encompassing the Diploma Programme (IBDP) and Career-Related Programme (IBCP). In additional BWA will offer courses which will be part of the IBCP, including a pioneering short course in AI and Engineering, reflecting the school’s commitment to innovative and dynamic learning experiences.

John Bell, Founding Principal, Bloom World Academy said: “At Bloom World Academy, we like to do things differently, and our new Nexus Centre for Post-16 studies, goes beyond conventional academics offering the ultimate pre-university educational experience to our students. It will be a hub for inspiring creativity, collaboration, independence, research and a lifelong love for learning. Our vision is to ignite enduring curiosity and to empower students to chase not just an ambitious future but a future of their choice.”

BWA’s team of dedicated counsellors, coaches and mentors will guide students through every step of their academic journey, fostering an environment conducive to growth and success.

BWA is proud to usher in a new era of secondary education, where innovation, adaptability and personalised learning seamlessly join to shape the leaders of tomorrow. Students that enroll in September 2024, will graduate in Spring 2026 with either an International Baccalaureate Diploma or Career-Related Programme.

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