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Bloom Education Launches its First Own-brand IB School in Dubai

by Eddie Rayner

After more than a decade of launching and operating some of the world’s leading education brands in the UAE market, premium school provider Bloom Education will launch its own brand of school in the heart of Dubai this August.

With a belief that education should be dynamic, creative and constantly evolving, Bloom World Academy is an innovative, family-first IB curriculum school for students aged 3 to 18 years old. Conceptualised and created by the expert minds at Bloom Education, Bloom World Academy is a school that dares to do things differently; still providing the highest quality of education expected from a premium school, but that is flexible and customised for each child. This makes it the ideal choice for parents who care as much about how their child receives an education as they do about the end results.

Bloom World Academy will employ a flexible school day and will be the first school in the Emirates to offer a later start time of 9.00 am, which will allow for students’ learning to be in balance with family life. As well as honouring young people’s natural sleep cycles, the later start time will optimise productivity throughout the school day and will result in a significant improvement to students’ overall wellbeing and physical health.

To accommodate the conflicting needs of daily life, families will be able to design their own bespoke school timings around the official school day of 9.00 am to 4.00 pm. The later start time of 9.00 am will be supported by a combination of optional wraparound care from 7.00 am to 9.00 am and from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm, along with an extensive selection of co-curricular activities that include sports, arts and a homework club from 8.00 am to 8:45 am and from 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm. The wraparound care will allow the school to widen the curriculum as well as support parents who are looking for an extended timeframe of childcare support.

Nilay Ozral, CEO of Bloom Education said: “Bloom World Academy is a school that harnesses a progressive way of thinking and offers something truly different and dynamic that really does put children’s wellness and development at the forefront of all that it does. We are so happy to finally be able to offer a school to parents who are looking for the ability to personalise their child’s academic journey in a premium high-quality education setting.”

Bloom World Academy dares to do things differently and will be the first school in the Emirates to offer a later start time of 9.00 am

Stage not Age

The inspiring new world of education will offer a customised learning experience for each student that embraces individuality whilst bringing academic rigour to life through genuine learning and hands-on experiences. The dynamic and student-centric curriculum has been built on the concept of ‘stage not age’ to ensure that children progress and develop their learning based on their aptitude, interests and abilities, not solely on their age or academic year. Unique to Bloom World Academy, the school will empower each student to take ownership of their learning with a Learning Achievement Passport (LAP), which will allow students to work towards their own personal curriculum, timetable and targets, and will be reviewed collectively and openly between teachers, parents and students every month.

The school is uniquely divided into five pastoral phases from Primo, the Early Years Centre, through to Nexus, the Pre-University Centre, which will not only teach students how to pass examinations successfully but will support them emotionally as they prepare for life beyond the classroom.

The school embraces the world of technology, design and business and will nurture imagination and creative thinking through its incubator programme, the Lumos Centre. Driven by an outward look on learning, students will be challenged to explore, play and create in preparation for real-world scenarios and will be taught how to harness innovation and entrepreneurship. They will also be encouraged to develop technical, digital and physical products and taught how to prepare for taking their ideas to market.

The Academy will offer a flexible school day that parents and students can customise to support family life

Strong Leadership

An integral part of the school’s development is senior educationalist, John Bell, who has been appointed as Founding Principal of Bloom World Academy, bringing with him significant experience in the education sector across the United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East.

A highly experienced, senior educationalist who has worked in the education sector for more than 39 years, Mr Bell has been a successful Head Teacher and Executive Head Teacher at outstanding schools in both the United Kingdom and Spain. In his most recent role as Executive Principal and Director of Learning and Services at Innoventures Education in Dubai, Mr Bell was responsible for overseeing the strategic and operational delivery of education and the line management of six schools that included five IB curriculum schools, one British curriculum school and eight early learning centres.

Before moving to Dubai in 2018, Mr Bell was Director of Education at the Cognita Group of UK and International schools where he was responsible for the quality of education at 62 schools around the world. Mr Bell has also served in an advisory capacity to national governments and co-chaired a working group of the Council of International Schools on safeguarding. As well as having worked extensively across Europe, he has a long track record of leading school inspections and training teachers and school leaders around the world in locations that include the UAE, Jordan, and Singapore.

Students will have fully customised learning experiences through individual Learning Achievement Passports

Commenting on the launch of the school, Mr Bell said: “Bloom World Academy is the embodiment of what a true IB curriculum school should be. We are a firm believer in stage not age when it comes to education and the school’s flexible, customised approach will support this in every sense. Bloom World Academy really does dare to do things differently and we are so happy to finally be able to offer parents an education for their children which really does put the student first.”

In his role as Founding Principal at Bloom World Academy, Mr Bell promises to bring academic rigour to life and to deliver the very best educational experience that focuses on achieving results through genuine learning and experiences to ensure that each and every child will be as academically successful, socially happy and emotionally attuned and resilient as they can be.

Bloom World Academy will open the doors for Pre-KG to Grade 9 students at its state-of-the-art campus in Al Barsha in August 2022. Enrolment is now open with Founder family discount packages available. For more information, please visit bloomworldacademy.ae or contact (+971) 4 371 4774.