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AUS and DuPont Partner to Promote the Safety and Protection of the Community

by Eddie Rayner

American University of Sharjah (AUS) has partnered with DuPont, a leading global science and innovation company, to offer students a valuable hands-on learning experience and an opportunity to develop technologies that promote the safety and protection of the community.

In the AUS DuPont Prize competition, students can select from two challenges to address: developing innovative solutions for removing micropollutants and trace contaminants in water or designing fire-resistant workwear for women in the oil and gas industry using Nomex® flame-resistant fabrics.

AUS undergraduate students in their second, third and final years who are pursuing degrees in engineering, sciences or mathematics are eligible to enter the competition. They can benefit by gaining mentorship experience and an opportunity to receive up to $10,000 in total as scholarships.

An opportunity to receive up to $10,000 in total as scholarships

“AUS is committed to expanding the learning opportunities for its students that prepare them for their professional journeys after graduation. Hence, collaborations with industry friends of the university, such as a global leader in science and innovation like DuPont, are essential to the advancement of the university’s student-centred mission. We are very excited about this new initiative that seeks to engage students in, and reward them for, identifying, researching and proposing innovative and practical solutions that contribute towards a future with cleaner water and a safer work environment,” said AUS Chancellor Dr Susan Mumm.

Maher Emil, DuPont UAE Country Leader, stated: “As a leader in innovation, DuPont is committed to developing solutions that ensure the safety and protection of the community. With the influx of women working in the oil and gas industry due to increasing opportunities, we are proud to be one among the few in the region that has developed fire-resistant clothing for women in addition to other new-age solutions that empower our communities. Our recent partnership with American University Sharjah (AUS) is a demonstration of this commitment to innovation. As an entity dedicated to supporting innovative advancements and the local community, we pledge to build the next generation of leaders and promote their cutting-edge solutions. We also place a lot of importance on water stewardship, enabling us to produce high-quality products that serve society at a time when water scarcity and quality issues are becoming increasingly important.

“At DuPont, thriving communities are at the core of our mission”

“At DuPont, thriving communities are at the core of our mission.  Through this commitment, we aim to leverage our assets – people, products, partnerships, and technology – and give millions of people the chance to grow and thrive, in their respective fields. Our innovative contest is a step towards this mission, encouraging and educating the youth about the importance of clean water and personal safety, in addition to building smart solutions for a safer future. We believe our partnership with AUS is certain to bring out the best of our community’s talent and hope to support their vision for a better tomorrow.”

AUS fosters partnerships with like-minded organisations that are committed to developing a culture where safety, health and innovation are core values. Additionally, the university seeks to provide its students with real-world challenges that offer them hands-on experiences related to their field of study.

Students who wish to participate in the AUS DuPont Prize competition should register at www.aus.edu/DuPont by February 28, 2022.