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An Incredible Program for Incredible Schools

by Eddie Rayner

There’s a difference between a good slogan and a tagline. “Taglines are like the road sweepers at the conclusion of a parade… they rarely position the brand,” explained brand analyst Laura Ries of Advertising Age. When done well, a tagline “sums up a company’s strategy,” she says. If there is one brand that proves this maxim it is surely ASUS which, driven by innovation and commitment to quality for products that include laptops, motherboards, graphics cards and displays, proclaims ‘In Search of Incredible’.

There’s no doubt that ASUS has lived up to this slogan. Having been at the forefront of laptop and tablet development for many years, it has consistently released products that have combined innovation, performance and price. And now, already recognized as a market leader in the education sector, the company is launching an exciting new program for 2022: ASUS Incredible Model School (AIMS).

Destined to transform the day-to-day learning experience for students, parents and teachers, AIMS will invite schools looking to utilize the finest technology while also enjoying the best prices and a whole range of benefits. This will result in an exceptional loyalty program that aspires to develop special relationships and build connections, providing cutting-edge solutions that are specific to the education sector.

Destined to transform the day-to-day learning experience for students, parents and teachers

Shakeeb Ahamed, Business Development Manager for Commercial Products at ASUS in the GCC, explains: “Being a part of the end-user eco-system is essential for us to understand their needs and how they operate so that we at ASUS can develop and deliver the right products, deploy appropriate solutions, extend world-class customer service, and evolve as a brand in order to offer customer centricity in its true sense.”

AIMS will provide great value in the form of unrivalled products, value-added service, end-user training, special pricing, and student excellence initiatives. Upon purchase, schools will also benefit from free extra machines for their labs, art rooms and libraries. On-site support, warranties, accidental damage protection, and multiple buying options at very cost-effective prices are all part of the package, as are benefits offered directly to the students in the form of scholarships, excellence programs, quiz competitions and summer training camps. There is access to some of the world’s best learning apps too.

Destined to transform the day-to-day learning experience for students, parents and teachers

Kindergarten to High Education

No one is left behind with ASUS’s extensive product line, which includes everything needed for teaching and learning. The company caters to everyone from kids in kindergarten to higher education, providing vital elements for effective learning, ensuring classroom reliability and taking into account the requirements of teachers. But now AIMS takes everything just that one step further, providing schools with a program that provides two-year accident protection cover, extended warranties, easy payment plans, and a whole raft of other benefits to make the lives of students, parents and teachers not only more cost-effective but more stimulating too.

Committed to empowering future generations, AIMS is looking to change the education landscape in the UAE, giving everyone in its network a full range of computing solutions that will help nurture the minds of the new citizens of the Digital Age.

Empowering educators and students, AIMS will deliver world-class, innovative and revolutionary products and services, at prices that simply can’t be beaten.