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by Belinda Breeze

Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) held its 4th Abu Dhabi Counselors Forum with a renewed focus on international student opportunities. In line with ADEK’s strategic ‘Countries of Expansion’, the event welcomed representatives from 15 embassies in the UAE, fostering international collaborations and opening doors to global prospects for students in the emirate.

The forum delved into the latest trends, resources, and strategies in counselling with participants sharing best practices and insights on the latest university admission requirements and government sponsorship programmes through impactful networking sessions with relevant local authorities, universities, learning educational organisations, and consultancies.

Embassy attendees represented China, Spain, Switzerland, France, the US, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, and New Zealand. The diplomats joined an audience of school principals, vice principals, deans, and academic advisors from over 217 private and Charter Schools as well as career and university guidance counsellors from more than 45 public schools. Together, they explored scholarship opportunities and international pathways available to Abu Dhabi students.

Updates on ADEK’s Career and University (CU) Guidance Policy were also shared, focusing on standardised policies, practices, and career guidance programs across schools to support students with successful transitions into post-secondary academic and career destinations. They explored new strategies and available resources for career and university guidance, opportunities for professional counsellor development, and awareness on careers aligned with the creative economy, one of the strategic priorities of Abu Dhabi’s economic plan.

With sessions led by esteemed local and international speakers, the forum covered a range of topics, including technological advancements, high school equivalency, scholarship programmes, professional development, college applications and assessments, smart strategies and resources for CU Guidance Counsellors.

The forum also highlighted how students from Abu Dhabi are now actively pursuing majors aligned with human capital demands in the emirate’s priority industries, benefiting from internships with over 130 industry-specific partners.

Since the launch of ADEK’s Career and University Guidance Policy in 2022, 96% of private and Charter Schools in the emirate are now equipped with CU Guidance Counselors, marking a significant stride towards empowering students for successful transitions into post-secondary academic and career opportunities.

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