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Who Are Our Heroes?

by Eddie Rayner

An inspiring and joyful read that provides reassurance and comfort in the strangest of times, ‘Who Are Our Heroes?’ encourages kids (young and old) to remember, and for some of us rediscover, a simple fact in our complicated world: heroes do not only wear capes and nurses uniforms, they can also be found working in grocery stores, driving trucks and teaching in schools.

A lovely book for all younger children about the Covid-19 pandemic

The tender simplicity of Who Are Our Heroes? pairs Eliana Melmed’s text with Amy Tian’s charming images. A lovely book for all younger children about the Covid-19 pandemic, it provides a great way to start a discussion with your own youngsters or pupils.

This book is a gentle reminder to say “thank you” to those individuals who give so much every day of the year, but even more so during this challenging time. Who Are Our Heroes? features those true role models who go above and beyond to support their communities.

Eliana, a senior at the University of Chicago studying Public Policy with a minor in Media, Arts and Design, says that she hopes that her book inspires children and adults alike to spend a little bit more time recognising and thanking their heroes.

Eliana dedicates the book ‘to the heroes around us, who each deserve to be recognised as being just that’. This is a lovely book with attractive artwork and of course a very important message.

We need more books like this. And to all of the youngsters out there, remember, it’s not only the doctors, cashiers, postal workers, garbage collectors, truck drivers, cleaners and food delivery people who are heroes – you are a hero for staying indoors!

In short, a heart-warming, fabulous looking book with loads of colourful illustrations. It teaches a lesson that children need and instantly respond to, and it’s a message adults should apply to their own lives too. Definitely recommended!

For more information visit: whoareourheroes.com