Where Learning Begins

by admin

It is hard to believe that the little baby being cradled in your arms will soon even vaguely resemble the school kids you see down the road. Nevertheless, it is never too early to find a good nursery.

At Jebel Ali Village Nursery, we take babies from six months up to children four years of age. We tell parents to try having the children with us for a few hours at first, working with them to gradually extend this. If they are not doing five days a week, we also recommend that parents bring the child in every day for two weeks to get them used to the environment.

We offer a two-day trial session and are committed to giving the youngsters in our care a well-rounded, enjoyable, and fulfilling experience. In the warmer months, for instance, children go out into the fresh air first thing in the morning for about 30 minutes, but as soon as it is cooler we try to have them out as much as possible. Their outside time is now just about time for free play, but we are now also planning activities. For example, one class has been having lunch outside on the picnic tables every Thursday. We also have PE inside during the warmer months, but we use a field behind the school during the cooler months for pre-school and FS1 students to play on.

Whatever is going on at Jebel Ali Village Nursery, we always let parents know whether a child has eaten or how their toileting is going.

Clarissa Dill is the manager at Jebel Ali Village Nursery, with a Masters degree in early child development and a Cache level five in nursery management