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What’s In Your Toddler’s Bag?

by Eddie Rayner

Just like your toddler, the list of supplies necessary for nursery is quite short. But what do you buy and what’s the smart way to shop for these items?

Well, we’ve eliminated the guesswork by getting ideas from three people in the know, Becca Clark, deputy headteacher at Children’s Oasis Nursery, Natalie Thwaits, an FS1 teacher at Al Rabeeh School, and Tamara Tucker, nursery manager at Step by Step Nursery – Layan Community.

“Items that are essential and great to have in your toddler’s everyday bag would be spare clothes in case of any accidents, a sun hat for playing outdoors, healthy snacks for snack time, and a water bottle to stay hydrated. Having these items would ensure a fun filled day!”

Becca Clark

Natalie agrees with Becca, adding that parents must also include wet-wipes in their toddler’s bag. “Of course, all items should be labelled. It’s most convenient to also have the parents’ contact details easily available if need be.”

There are also hidden factors that come into play when building up your little one’s readiness to go to nursery. Tamara suggests parents involve toddlers in the shopping of nursery items. “Take your child shopping with you so that they can choose their new school bag and water bottle, and other essentials like a lunchbox, a naptime blanket, and even their uniform. This involvement will give them a sense of importance and ownership.”

And here’s a great bonus tip. We recommended a large knapsack if possible, even if your little one is … well … little.  And there is a very good reason for this. Nursery and kindergarten kids always find the biggest book to borrow from the library!