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Welcome Back To Learning At JBS!

by Eddie Rayner

“The first day has been an absolute success. From the students’ attendance above 90% in Secondary to the motivation of the teachers and the work that has been put in place regarding planning and implementing strategies for this new learning experience. At JBS we have been using Microsoft Teams and Managebac successfully, teachers have welcomed all the students by a video of themselves indicating the objectives to be covered during the week and explaining the different tasks that have been planned for them (writing tasks, listening tasks, research, TED talks, interactive activities, videos, VR sessions…).

Students have been able to develop self-management skills effectively and the totality of them have met the deadlines and the expectations of this first day. Teachers have now the afternoon and evening to assess the different tasks and to give individual feedback to each student with advice on how to improve their work for the weeks to come.

Parents and students have also been able to contact each teachers with precise questions that have been answered in order to clarify expectations. 

Overall a very positive experience for us all, we are looking forward to continue implementing new strategies that will make us all (students and teachers) ideal 21st century learners with the skills needed to face the challenges of the world.” says David Bauza, MYP Coordinator at Jumeira Baccalaureate School