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The World’s Most Beautiful Universities

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Main Photo: Moscow State University, Russia.

There are many reasons to choose a university, not least its educational record of accomplishment. However, as a student has to spend several years on-site, the location and aesthetics of the institution will surely influence the decision too. Of course, it is vital to carry out a fair degree of background investigation before deciding where to spend the next few years, but here we provide food for thought by listing the top six ‘most beautiful’ universities in the world.

6: Trinity College, Ireland

Located in the midst of the Irish capital, Dublin, Trinity College was established in 1592, and covering 220,000m2 of land is renowned for its buildings, which feature both classical and modern architecture.

5: University of Bologna, Italy

Established in 1088, the University of Bologna is celebrated for its Mission Revival architecture and is surrounded by magnificent orange trees and tulips, almost all set against the picturesque foothills of Emilia-Romagna.

4: University of Rostock, Germany

The third oldest university in Germany, founded in 1419, the University of Rostock offers nearly 8000 acres of walking trails, enchanting residences, and scenic foothills. The city territory stretches for about 12 miles along the Warnow to the Baltic Sea.

3: University of Cape Town, South Africa

An integral part of the history and heritage of Cape Town, this illustrious old university, established in 1829, is remarkably beautiful, comprised of elegant old buildings and constructed on a mountainside.

2: Moscow State University, Russia

Most of the faculties are located on the Sparrow Hills, including seven large neo-classical towers. The main campus was once referred to as the world’s tallest building, with a central tower that is 36 storeys high. It is flanked by four large wings of faculty and student accommodation.

1: Aarthus University, Denmark

The most esteemed research university in Denmark, Aarthus University includes an architecturally wide range of buildings over a vast space, yet each building is comprised of identical yellow brick and roofing tiles. Founded in 1928, it is amongst the world’s leading research-intensive universities.